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Milk Shortages Loom In Bulawayo - Survey

Milk Shortages Loom In Bulawayo - Survey

Consumer advocacy groups have expressed concerns about potential milk shortages in Bulawayo, the second-largest city in the nation, since several retail stores have since run out of the product.

According to a NewsDay survey conducted yesterday at retail locations in Bulawayo, some stores were out of stock.

Big retail stores, excluding OK and Greens supermarkets, did not have the 300 ml and 500 ml fresh milk products.

In Harare, milk products were, however, readily available on shelves.

Comfort Muchekeza, a regional officer for the Consumer Council of Zimbabwe in Bulawayo, confirmed that there were shortages of both fresh milk and pasteurized fresh milk in the area. He is quoted as saying:

This has been happening for some time and the shortages are not only on milk products but other products as well. Consumers are now being short-changed in the sense that consumers have rights to access products.

The consumer law of demand says that demand in a product means increases in prices as well.

We would like to urge wholesalers to ensure that milk products are brought back to the market.

Effie Ncube, an advocacy and campaign adviser for the National Consumer Rights Association, claimed that Zimbabwe’s lack of dairy cows had caused a milk crisis. He warned that this could lead to an increase in milk prices.

The southern African nation has a milk annual national demand of at least 130 million litres.

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@ mukmeric 3 days ago

thanx 4 droid bro.downloaded stuff.pano hatichabatike zvekumhanya.

3 days ago

Does it work on econet ?

no only 3 days ago

on netone.

Nhingiringiin 3 days ago

Kanti wasn't ther an article a few days ago saying that ther is now a surplus in milk production pindula itai mushe

Confused 3 days ago

Ramunoti Droid i app here

3 days ago

Kasi droid setting racho its for free internet here ,tipei zvizere

Umkhonto kazulu 3 days ago

They are just trying to get the price up,OK and Greens are trying to sabotage, but Makhumalo dairy is opening soon .


Doug 3 days ago

How can they say there is a potential milk shortage when the milk is already not available? Real fresh milk was available only before independence, and only for a few years into independence. Fresh milk needs refrigeration all the time.

Jah 🇿🇼 Tsvarie-07 3 days ago

There can't be milk shortage after that article last month that said milk production rose as compared to the previous millions of litres 😀

concerned 3 days ago

these guys think we dn read

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