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Midlands Farmers Reject New Maize Producer Prices

Midlands Farmers Reject New Maize Producer Prices

Farmers in Midlands Province have rejected the new Grain Marketing Board (GMB) grain prices that were announced by the government last week.

Farmers who spoke to Southern Eye said that the prices do not allow them to break even and they would rather sell their maize to the highest bidders.

Last month the Government announced an upward review of the floor producer prices of maize, soya beans, traditional grains and sunflower.

The producer price for maize and traditional grains was raised to ZWL$75 000 per tonne.

Previously, the floor producer price of maize was ZWL$58 553 while that of traditional grains was ZWL$70 263.90.

In US dollar terms, the new price of grain is around US$180 using black market rates.

Herbert Choruma, a Gokwe farmer said the Government should consider paying farmers for their produce in foreign currency. He said:

The producer prices should be pegged in US dollar because our local currency is not stable.

Another farmer Sheila Muronziwa said the Government cannot expect farmers to deliver their grain to GMB considering the “uncompetitive” prices on offer. Said Muronziwa:

The maize and traditional grains producer prices of $75 000 per metric tonne by GMB are uncompetitive.

We are now contemplating on selling our produce on the black market.

Government cannot expect farmers to produce when it is paying such low prices for grain. The production chain will be hamstrung.

Farmers claim that it costs US$100 to prepare a hectare of land and two applications of herbicides also cost US$100. Kwekwe farmer Misheck Shumba said:

That farmer also requires labour to remove weeds and tender the crops. Farmers are simply going to sell their produce to the highest bidder.

Meanwhile, the GMB recently said all maize, soya beans, wheat and barley farmers should deliver their produce to any nearest GMB depot within 14 days of harvesting.

GMB also warned that those who ignore the directive risk prosecution as well as losing their produce.

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Zim police 1 month ago

do as the gvt says or risk loosing all your grain there is no choice everyone should sell to GMB whatever price you ask for will be in bond notes we caant use foreign money to pay local product warned two week no reverse

Zim police traffic cop 1 month ago

Cde this level of bootlicking and propaganda will never take us afar

Zanu pf monopolised transport sector now look at the mesdy
u dd it to Cotton growers up to now no1 is into cotton farming
u dd cimmand agriculture took fuel,inputs & behind th back u loot 4billion dollars
zim is in knees cause of Zanu pf

ote ED out

Dzedzi 1 month ago

garai maudza mkuru paanouya kufarm kwake kukwelaz. if u fail to sell your produce to Grain Marketing Bosses within 14 days of harvesting u will be prosecuted and risk lossing ur hard earned produce. kuma resettled farmers motya kubviswa ko muriko here

Poor 1 month ago

Hamusati madii..... lies lies and more lies, you can only rule the masses if, and only if, they are kept poor

stalin 1 month ago

remove a chicken it's furthers and put it in a cage ...... give it time in there ...bring maize and open the cage you will see it running to you for maize ....give it maize and it will follow you for more

aaaa 1 month ago

it's true Chamisa is 1 only solve the problem that calls to safe in Zimbabwe

Good 1 month ago

Hondoyacho ingatorwiwa nembwa nehuku,kiti kana makonzo nokuti vanenge vauya pamba pangu


nc 1 month ago

l also reject the price mash west

pinky 1 month ago

this government is full of fools everything is done by force we are now fade vote CCC for better Zimbabwe

VYBZ KARTEL 1 month ago

Chamisa ndiye mushonga wedambudziko ratambudziko nyika

Voterai Chamisa. VOTERAI CCC

Satan 1 month ago

All farmers should reject to be paid in rtgs dollar in whatever they produce

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