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Methodist Church Rejects Same-sex Marriage

Methodist Church Rejects Same-sex Marriage

The United Methodist Church (UMC) has stated its position on the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Queer (LGBTQ) movement.

In a statement, UMC leader, Bishop Eben Kunakayi Nhiwatiwa, warned congregants against accepting homosexual marriages as it is against the teaching of the Bible.

This comes after claims that the LGBTQ issue is on the agenda at the United Methodist Church Special General Conference of seven days expected to begin towards the end of August this year. Said Bishop Nhiwatiwa:

The future of the church is in the hands of our able master and Saviour Jesus Christ, who is the author and finisher of our faith.

Marriage is defined in Genesis 2:24 as a union between one man and one woman.

Any sexual activity outside this context is sinful and is an abomination.

Such action upsets God’s divine order for human sexuality.

What does Genesis 2:24 say?

Therefore a man leaves his father and his mother and cleaves to his wife, and they become one flesh [Revised Standard Version].

The LGBTQ issue was raised ahead at the 2016 General Conference and the Council of Bishops then agreed to have a Special General Conference in 2019 to make a final decision.

This is according to another letter circulating among church leaders expected to attend the General Conference scheduled for August 29 to September 6 2022.

The letter informs the church leaders that the rejected One Church Plan of 2019, has resurfaced with a different name “The Christmas Covenant”. The letter reads in part:

Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Queer (LGBTQ) group kept growing and pushing for the Book of Discipline to be amended to allow for gay marriages and the ordination of gay and lesbian pastors.

Things got to a head at the 2016 General Conference.

The 2016 GC, through the Council of Bishops, then agreed to have a Special General Conference in 2019 to put a finality to this conflict.

The two main petitions at the 2019 GC were: The One Church Plan (this intended to allow Gay & Lesbian marriages and ordination of Gay & Lesbian Pastors through a decentralisation process with the church remaining as one THE ONE CHURCH PLAN).

Those who have followed these events carefully will have noticed that the One Church Plan, rejected in 2019, has resurfaced with a different name – The Christmas Covenant.

The same people, who campaigned for the One Church Plan, are back campaigning for the Christmas Covenant.

And The Traditional Plan – This advocated to keep the church in the current set-up and upholding the current BOD, which does not allow Gay & Lesbian Marriages and ordination of Gay & Lesbian Pastors.

Allow us to point out that because the General Conference is yet to sit, there is no position taken by the General Church at the moment, therefore, no one should be victimised.

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Anti-gay superstar 1 week ago

Kill the gays and lesbians

Moses Johnson 1 month ago

Why do people care what other people decide to do in their bedroom. How is it any of my business what the next person does with his or her's body. People should let go of this zpf mindset of always trying to control what other people should do

Mwakusha 1 month ago


T one 1 month ago

We can't change a principle a man for a woman and not vice versa

Chibabababa 1 month ago

Pasi nemaWestern countries pasi nengochani pasi neCCC.zvinhu izvi chiro chimwe chete


ManuSash 1 month ago

Ngavangotanga yavo Church, hanti vakawanda zvekudaro.Chii chamusa apa.

Realist 1 month ago

whether you like it or not, LGBTQ rights are coming. The LGBTQ community increases in numbers and that number has the power to vote. They'll vote for their rights. And you won't stop them.

And if you call yourself a Christian then remember "Do not judge for in the same way you shall be judged."

Turoo 1 month ago

Iwe @Realist asi uri ngochani here tikutumire varume vakurape😂

Chimboti Pizza 1 month ago

Uchanyepa iwe, LGBTQ community will always be a minority ende hatife takamira kuvadzvanyirira. Even kuUSA it's a minority group and vanotombosangana nediscrimination ko kuzoti muZimbabwe? There is no place for LGBTQ in Zimbabwe

Jorijo 1 month ago

Allow n confine them for easy identification when Lord comes after Sodom n gomorah kkkkbthis time kunouya mface Jesus hasha ma one aka****va anhu mu church vakamama

Dr Gire 1 month ago

Mirai timbonzwa kuti Biti wema self-help projects anotikudii nenyaya iyi

Chimboti Pizza 1 month ago

Homo****uality ndeyekushaya especially murume nemurume💀

STALIN 1 month ago

Pasi ne ma chichiman ne zanu pf yacho

Mazibeka 1 month ago

Eish it never rains but pours for kuda mahachi. Akusungisiwa futi nemkadzi ne domestic viorenzi.

Mazibeka 1 month ago

Ah ngatimbosiyanai nazvo zve ngochani vanhu vanorwara pfungwa avo. Kuda kusvibisa nyika. Vamugabe said this are worse than dogs. Even dogs know their ****uality. Shuwa murume kuda kuisa mumwe murume vakadzi vazara kudai. Iam disgusted by the mere thought of a man kissing another man, let alone a man acting as a woman ughhhh. The world is coming to an end.

Chawabvunza 1 month ago

My view is that Lesbian and Gay marriages are against the word of God. But it is a very hot subject in most countries currently. In most African and Asian countries it is not recognized. In most Asian countries it is infact punishable by death. However, in the Western world lesbian and gay marriages are acceptable.



Chinese zodiac 1 month ago

Pasi nengochani dzonyangadzaa kwedu kuchina takazvirambawo hakuna makuna kuna akadaro

Twabam 1 month ago

Ngito idzi dziri kupi...muZim here or . muZim tine ngito here zvekudaro daro

cute 1 month ago

pasi nengito even papindula pano pasi nengochani sungai vanhu church ikadzibvuma ibva wasiya membership utsvage imwe church

Tintin 1 month ago

keep it up now it's time to reject zanu pf .CCC kumberi.

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