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Met Department Commences Cloud Seeding

Met Department Commences Cloud Seeding

The  (MSD) says it has started cloud-seeding in order to induce rainfall following a prolonged dry spell that has lasted for over a month in some parts of the country.

According to an online source, cloud seeding is a weather-modification technique that improves a cloud’s ability to produce rain by artificially adding condensation nuclei to the atmosphere, providing a base for raindrops to form.

MSD deputy director, Linia Gopo, on Sunday said cloud-seeding had started. She said:

It started last week. It can only be done when conditions are conducive.

Zimbabwe Commercial Farmers’ Union president, Shadreck Makombe, said in some areas, the late-planted maize has reached the permanent wilting point and will not recover even if significant rains fall.

Zimbabwe Indigenous Women Farmers’ Trust president, Depinah Nkomo said some drought-tolerant crops can still be salvaged.

According to the Head of the Plant Protection and Research Institute, Shingirai Nyamutukwa, the current hot weather conditions are conducive to the rapid spread of pests.

Nyamutukwa advised farmers to increase scouting frequency and apply pesticides as soon as there is pest infestation.

Agriculture expert and Agricultural Rural Development Authority board chairman, Ivan Craig, said:

Not everybody should give up. There are some crops that will survive when they receive rain.

In some cases, the maize is now a write-off and the cob has fallen. Farmers should not leave the crop to dry but should cut it into small pieces and make silage thus adding value to the wasted crop.

Besides silage, farmers can also make snap corn, taking the wasted maize and grinding it.

It is then mixed with salt or other feeds and fed to livestock. Farmers can also sell the snap corn to other livestock farmers and get money.

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5 months ago

Yvt 5 months ago

Why kuda kuzoita cloud seeding when some crops have reached permanent wilting?. Also mati those crops planted late are the worse affected anditi ndimi ve Agritex ne MSD makati mvura iriko and farmers can plant late chichiita?? Apa munhu aisa fertilizer and wasted ma resources basing on "expert" advise. Next time musataure zvamusina control over, mvura yekunaya hamuna control over it.

5 months ago

Man of the moment 5 months ago

Ndezva Mwari Chete Chete

Bhuru 5 months ago

MSD mnongokopa kune dzimwe nyika... Manyanya kutinyepera mdii kungovhara dhipatimendi iri mogara henyu kmba tozoona kana mwari vada

Mhazi Chirumanzu 5 months ago

Maimbovepi mbeu dzedu dzichifa. Hapana kana chaunoziva ve met department. tinongotarisa mudenga tega tofungidzira tega.

Mhazi Chirumanzu 5 months ago

hapana chinozikamwa apa


factos ☝️ 5 months ago

we all know this shall be done only in Mashonaland

not in Matabeleland and Midlelands

mashona ma****

Nigel Tafara 5 months ago

The meteorologist are not serious in our country this was supposed to be done after two weeks of no rain so that our country doesn't starve. These people from my own opinion should be replaced with viable candidates

Godaz 5 months ago

Madhoti evanhu, seeding seeding iyezvin mbeu dzangu dzaoma mumunda basa rekurasisa vanhu fokofu.maimbovep pose apa madhanda head

Sly 5 months ago

umm ityai Mwari ngano dzenyu idzi dzanyanya ..hamuzvigoneba izvi!

Manikiniki 5 months ago

We dont have a Met department full stop. Those incompetent officers are just being paid taxpayers money for nothing.

Shampoo 5 months ago

Yes zvekunaya kwe mvura ndezva Mwari wedu chete chete.

Jack 5 months ago

From my perspective they just want money for them selfs you will hear them saying we did spray but it did not work or some other **** excuse

Kule 5 months ago

Ndege yacho rekuita cloud seeding vanayo here, kana kuti vachahaya from Ukraine.

pidigu Ji 5 months ago

Maimbovepi iye zvino zvirimwa zvava pa permanent wilting stage mava kuti heeeee toda kuita cloud seeding mazishaya

nhamoinesu 5 months ago

Who is fooling who?

c 4 months ago

vakadhakwa vaye vaimbovep pese APA. BSA rekunyepa

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