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Men Robbed And Sexually Assaulted After Boarding Private Vehicles

Men Robbed And Sexually Assaulted After Boarding Private Vehicles

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) in Harare is investigating three cases of robbery and sexual assault involving commuters that occurred between 7 and 9 June 2022.

In one of the incidents on the 8th of June, at around 2100 hours, a 22-year-old man was robbed of US$50, a cell phone, and some personal documents after boarding an unregistered Honda Fit destined for Harare CBD at Puma service station along Ardbernie Rd.

ZRP reports that the vehicle had four occupants, one man and, three women.

Along the way, the suspects diverted the route before robbing the complainant of his valuables and forcing him to have sexual intercourse with one of the female suspects.

In the second incident which occurred on 9 June, a 50-year-old man lost US$500 cash, a cellphone, and bank cards to 10 suspects, six women and four men, after boarding an unregistered white Toyota Hiace near ZUPCO garage along Glen Eagles Rd, going to the CBD.

The third incident occurred in Marlborough on 7 June at about 1000 hours. The victim, a 20-year-old man was robbed of US $40, a wallet and a cell phone after he was offered a lift in a Honda Fit vehicle which had five occupants, two men and three women, destined for Avonlea, Harare.

The suspects kidnapped the complainant and took him to an unknown house where they slept together and later released him the following day at about 1500 hours.

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Totito 2 months ago

Other countries use DNA to solve crimes of this nature. Instead of advancing our Technology, our lawmakers spend most of their energy drafting bills to stop Healthcare workers from demanding their rights. Cry the beloved country.

bhuru 2 months ago


bhuru 2 months ago

ko ma kombi vakaabvisireio pa road ivo mkoma ed

Swagger 2 months ago

bring back combis please, These private no longer trusted .ma criminals they teamed up with prostitutes for robbery

g thing 2 months ago

ummm vakadzi makurepa pfuti

Turoo 2 months ago

Zvinorwadza kubatwa chibharo💔

linox 2 months ago

Eiish ma1 apa zvichida mukadzi uyu akaora nezvirere zvepabonde , woman now more dangerous than man


Fari 2 months ago

Asiwo zvimwe zvacho zvinongodawo kuzvichengeta, why boarding an unregistered vehicle apa ari manheru.

Mukomana ane nzara 2 months ago

inini ndirikutoda, ndakatotanga kukwira mota dzevakadzi chete ndichitsvakawo kurepewa.
Huyai vakadzi vane nzara tikupei chaizvo

mabika 2 months ago

mukomana ane nzara unogehweswa nema**** mbavha aha wangu

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 2 months ago

Kumhanya sandi kusvika, zvirinane kunonoka urimubhazi than kupinda mu Honda fit inokusvitsa mangwana...

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