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Members Of The Public Commend Issuance Of Passports In Chitungwiza

Members Of The Public Commend Issuance Of Passports In Chitungwiza

Members of the public have commended the decentralisation of e-passport issuance services to areas such as Chitungwiza where a passport office was opened on the 10th of May 2022.

In addition to decongesting the Harare Passport Office, the decentralisation of passport issuance services brings services closer to the people. A beneficiary spoke to ZBC News:

We are very excited and I didn’t believe that one day I would own a passport. The process was so fast because I stay in South Africa, so I am very excited about this.

Another beneficiary thanked the “government for coming up with such a good job for opening the passport office here. I was served without any problems and those guys are so efficient.”

ZBC News further reports that the facility is also catering for those referred from Makombe Civil Registry in Harare.

Even the elderly have been impressed by the efficiency.

Besides the e-passport centre in Chitungwiza, the dormitory town also benefited from the government’s Emergency Road Rehabilitation programme through the reconstruction of Seke road.

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Rich guy 1 month ago

In this era, passport issuing is still an issue???Shame on you gvt..

Dzakutsaku 1 month ago

Passport issuance should not be used as a campaign tool. That should be a basic right. Kotonzi new dispensation yagona... Chii ipapa muchibira vanhu

Da Truth 1 month ago

Vana vasina kumbopfeka shangu vakatengeewa ma patapata havarari kunze hakuidzi zvitsva kwavari.

Sayid 1 month ago

Ko why haven't the old phone passports been printed pple paid money for them. And yet they claim they cleared the backlog

sekuru zvaita 1 month ago

why wipe or swipe your password passport and configure details on desktop like.Mobile passport

sekuru zvaita 1 month ago

it's easy and fast. see Italy ,Spain Taiwan etc Ho w best in Japan

help 1 month ago

Musazvipepedze makubuditsa dzemari zhinji dzataka applier B4 lockdown hadzisati itai mushe imi


i 1 month ago

haàa pamapassport eehee haa toti ndizvo hazvo ko yaitombonetsa chaizvo bt here ndizvoo

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