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MDC-T Set To Hold Elective Congress Amid Discord

MDC-T Set To Hold Elective Congress Amid Discord

The opposition MDC-T led by Douglas Mwonzora is scheduled to hold its elective congress next year amid discord between the president and his deputy, Thokozani Khupe.

Khupe feels that the party was now being run along tribal and discriminatory lines after a national council meeting held on November 26, 2021, allegedly resolved that she and other MPs that reportedly sympathise with the MDC Alliance be recalled from Parliament.

Spokesperson Witness Dube Wednesday told NewsDay that the 2022 elective congress would also fine-tune the party’s policies. Dube said:

We will choose a candidate that is energetic and fresh, and will contest the 2023 elections. We are targeting 66% of the national vote. We have started arranging our structures.

With respect to Madam Khupe, she raised a leading motion on congress and unfortunately she was not of the majority view. Party members feel we should address the issue. There was never a motion to recall her from the Party and Parliament, but she made it look like she is a victim, but she is not.

Khupe has through her lawyers, Ncube Attorneys, demanded a copy of the minutes of the national council meeting on 26 November where the alleged plot to recall her was made.

But the party secretary-general, Paurina Mpariwa said the minutes could not be released as they contained confidential information.

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Ndini zvangi 8 months ago

Gara zviya BABA JUKWA wakazoenda kupi

Shadows 8 months ago

Kkkkk Havana kufa hr. Kna KT vakaenda najonso.

Shampoo 8 months ago

Baba aJukwa ndiani? Its not the first time I've heard this strange name.

Imwe mbeu 8 months ago

Havana kuenda nenyika here 😂

Imwe mbeu 8 months ago

Sa tikurara tisina yatanzwa yaBigman

Unifier General 8 months ago

Baba Jukwa vavari mu G40 possibly to be Jonathan Moyo n his team

Imwe mbeu 8 months ago

Ehe ka


B 8 months ago

Pic ramaisa ndere mdc hre iro

Chapwititi 8 months ago

Mari yeZANU haidyiwe mahara.Hapana arikufollowa nyaya dzenyu anaMukoma Dougie.Zvakaprofitwa izvi,zvekuti zvichadhakwa towards maElections.ED akusiyai muripamhene.Unity Government haibude prepare for a massive defeat in the forthcoming elections mukoma Dougie

Confusion 7 months ago

Ndiri kutsvakawo vanhu vemaricho mangwana kumunda kwangu kusima fodya , mukoma Dagie nditsvakireiwo 4 then imi vechi 5 ndokupai ma 3dollas per day

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