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MDC-T Prepares For Ordinary Congress

MDC-T Prepares For Ordinary Congress

The MDC-T says it is conducting a restructuring exercise in preparation for an ordinary congress that will be held before the end of the year.

Key positions including that of the party president, currently occupied by Douglas Mwonzora, vice president, and organising secretary, among others will be contested.

MDC-T national spokesperson, Witness Dube, said that the date for the ordinary congress depends on the completion of provincial structures and the availability of funds for the national congress. He added:

The structures have to be adopted by the national council, automatically giving the president the mandate to call for a national election after 30 days.

We are about 70 per cent complete and we don’t declare a date until everything is complete, that is structures are tabled and adopted by the national council.

The structures become the voting college and are subject to the national council for adjudication, if there are no issues, the structures are passed as a record and kept in custody.

MDC-T holds its ordinary congress after five years and when our ordinary congress was due, the Supreme Court (ruling of May 2020) took us back to the 2014 structures that were used to hold the extraordinary congress issue but our constitution is very specific…

Mwonzora was elected MDC-T president on 27 December 2020 after the majority of former MDC senior officials, who included Nelson Chamisa who represented the party in the 2018 presidential race, had left. | CITE

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dispenser 4 months ago

Kurwira kuita mukuru we Great Zimbabwe ruins .Hanzi ndinoda kuita sekuru kaguvi.

Leave a comment 4 months ago



Vote Mwonzera for president the true leader of the CCC.
Yours sincerely
William Sonboy Chinembiri

Tintin 4 months ago

apa washaya apa🙄🙄🙄

dispenser 4 months ago

Hazvishamisi zvamurikutaura @fake sonboy .Pamwe ndiwe Mwonzora chaiye arikukomenda . desperation ichakuura and sense of being denied by people ,soon Zanu will throw yr away bz ey will regard y as a useless person (non contributory to work program)

Mafirakureva 4 months ago

MDC-T ne MDC Alliance zvamakatora zvakakwana @Bushlawyer (f-ucking fake). Be content with danga rizare ndove ramakasiirwa. Varidzi vemombe vakatinha dzavo, and hadzidzoke. Mari yamakawana ndiyoyo. Kana musina kuita MEGA DEALS neZANU, makalumila, ende hamulume

rtgs 4 months ago

imi munoda kuita Congress kuti MDC yacho ine vangu hr i mean mu supporters hanty mkomana akatakura kunyange ne zvirema here

pk 4 months ago

pawati zvirema apo wareveyi. are you not mocking

Anonymous 4 months ago

Ko vanozvinetserei

mdc 4 months ago

chachinhu chakomichi ichi

mdc 4 months ago

vote komichi for President


mdc 4 months ago

vote komich for President 2023

mdc 4 months ago

vote komich for President 20232

Sorojena 4 months ago

The electorate would never forgive Mwonzora for working with Zanu pf to destroy the opposition. Come 2023 the year of the citizens' power.

mdc 4 months ago

hanzi nadougi I'm to be the president of Zimbabwe and mdc is going to rise like a phonix

Wezhira 4 months ago

The demise of Douglas Mwonzora

mdc alliance 4 months ago

just anounce the date of the concress finish and clary

congrats 4 months ago

munoiita congress muna vanhu here

Surprised Onlooker 4 months ago

Mwonzora is unpardonable he committed a very serious sin just like Nyathi who sold out zanla forces to Ian Smith in Mozambique wakadya chidembo the strong smell follows him to his grave.

Surprised Onlooker 4 months ago

Come bhudhi Dougie pliz come and join the povo you are not leadership material you are a Nyathi (pasi nanyathi) ask the zanlas they will tell you what this means if you don't know bye bye.

mtt 4 months ago

better u at least have a constitution which guides u. haikona vamwe malawyer ari directionless

Nimrod 4 months ago

Much ado about nothing. Aftes next year's general election, mdc-T or MDC Alliance will be mushakabvu, dead and buried.

Mandi Chimene 4 months ago

Kkkkkk Douglas hauna kana vanhu 1 % hausvike next year iwewe. Pafair ndaona Zanu yati tasa ini

Wasu 4 months ago

Iyaozve, Mandi uri where? Ndaibvirokuite look for. Since wakabviswe pa seat raGovernor ndaide kuire link up tibhuye nyaya dze love sezvo usisiri chef. Aah, Mandi Sweetness, ndinobvire kukuite love zvisingabvire. Ngatiite meet paonini, apo paHoliday Inn neSaturday, Ndabve Bocha kumasowe

mdc ty 4 months ago

come on dougi

nonsensical 4 months ago

waste of time and energy

cde Chipopi 4 months ago

Haaa mahumbwe ayo

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