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MDC-A/T Is The Main Opposition In Zimbabwe - Chin'ono

MDC-A/T Is The Main Opposition In Zimbabwe - Chin'ono

Freelance journalist and government critic, Hopewell Chin’ono has refuted claims that the opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) was the main opposition in Zimbabwe saying it is the MDC led by Douglas Mwonzora was the main opposition instead. He made the remarks while defending the view that CCC leader Nelson Chamisa did not appoint a Shadow Cabinet but merely spokespersons for particular portfolios in Parliament. He said:

The biggest opposition in parliament is MDCA/T that is why Nelson Chamisa couldn’t appoint Wiwa or Rusty. The law is what matters regardless of whether we agree with how we got there or not. Unless if he said he is ignoring the law as a defiant stance, which is another matter… Shadow cabinet is a British creature whose home is the main opposition, not all opposition parties. Chamisa who studied Political Science knew this, that is why he called his appointees Spokespeople!… My point is that the Westminster system only has ONE Shadow Cabinet and not 2 or more. The party with more MPs has a Shadow Cabinet… There is a Shadow Cabinet & Parliamentary Spokespersons as Nelson Chamisa correctly called them! The shadow cabinet is made up of senior members of the main opposition party in parliament & not every party. Let’s stick to facts… technically CCC is not the official opposition so it can’t have a Shadow cabinet. It has Spokespersons and Chamisa understood this very well not the propaganda that we have been seeing on Twitter. Nero’s terminology is correct… For the avoidance of doubt, a country with 3 political parties in parliament will ONLY have 1 shadow cabinet, not 2. The biggest opposition in parliament, in our case MDCA, will have a Shadow cabinet, all the other parties will have spokespersons!

Chin’ono said this was the case in Britain whose system of governance Zimbabwe was using.

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dispenser 4 weeks ago

Thanks Chin'ono for opening e eyes of the blind etc e likes of Jonathan and his Zanu pf protege

Puluzuzu 4 weeks ago

Is Chinono now Chamisa's Spokesperson? Is Chin'ono now the Information & Publicity officer of the CCC? I think Hopewell would make the best CCC Spokesperson. Clearly Chamisa had no clue & Hopewell came to his rescue with a seemingly good argument. By saying that the MDC-A/T is the official opposition, Chin'ono is giving Mwonzora legitimacy. A lot of l MPs & Counsellors who are loyal to Chamisa are under the MDC-A/T. Essentially, Hopewell is saying that such MPs who claim loyalty to the CCC, but are under the payroll of the Mwonzora MDC-T/A cannot be trusted. Thats why Chamisa is arraid of structures & infiltration. Any MP or Counsellor who was not recalled, expelled or who did not resign from the MDC-T/A cannot be trusted by Chamisa.

Da Truth 4 weeks ago

If Jonathan Moyo is so gud why was he chased away ngauye ataurw Ari muna 4th Street Mu Harare pamwe tingamunxwa kana tichida .Asi soro bharuma anodeiii ?Itai ma structure enyu ikoko topinda Tisa ma structure kkkk tokwatisa vanhu tisina .🆘🇿🇼🌹🌹🌹🌹☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️👶

Doug 4 weeks ago

Are our professors real, or they are self-appointed, like some of our prophets, and their aim is to mislead?

Puppetmaster 4 weeks ago

MDC_A/T main opposition with very little support, part of the chinese puppet regime, is no match for the popular well supported structureless CCC opposition party.

P.Matange 4 weeks ago

Ini hangu ziii nothing will remove my vote for Ccc

Gwedu 4 weeks ago

@Daddy Hope 👏✔️ but please write a Shona version for the sake of our zanu pf s t u p i d s who are illiterate.

Da Truth 4 weeks ago

But tinevamwe vanorasika ASI vari 1 percent sa Chinoz right .Muliswa, 🐸🌹🌹🌹


Rongekai 4 weeks ago

Who are we to dispute when Binga North CCC MP Dubeko Sibanda announced that his boss Chamisa had appointed a Shadow Cabinet

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 4 weeks ago

Saka zvikoro zvinosiyana 😂
Chamisa and Jonso both studied political science but...

c 4 weeks ago

CCC real change

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