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MDC Alliance MP Urges Govt To Legalise Vending

MDC Alliance MP Urges Govt To Legalise Vending

Makoni Central MP David Tekeshe (MDC Alliance) has urged the government to pass a law that legalises vending and bring to an end recurrent running battles between the police and the informal traders.

Tekeshe raised a point of national interest in the National Assembly on Tuesday saying vending should be legalised. He said:

Vending is treated like a crime. There are no jobs in the country, yet we harass and arrest these people.

(The Department of) Social Welfare does not do anything to cater for the needy. Government must come up with a law to protect vendors.

Tekeshe accused ZANU PF of pretending to care for vendors during election time.

Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly Tsitsi Gezi said the issue would be taken up with the relevant ministry for consideration.

According to the Zimbabwe National Statistics Agency (ZimStat), 88% of people in the country are in the informal sector.

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Fekitosi 2 months ago

ligalise gold looting too
not for top elites only

dispenser 2 months ago

apa wataura , hapana chinhu chinofanirwa kunzi found in possession of illegal what what according to statutory what what .in as long it is not theft .

MDC Alliance 0 % 2 months ago

MDC Alliance 0 %

tentin 2 months ago

thank you for talking sense

tentin 2 months ago

you are wiser than Mwonzora Mr MP

Muntuza 2 months ago

Who is this MdcA Mp who doesn't know that vending and hawking is legal in Zimbabwe ? However just like any other business sectors it has to be regulated and operate under a system not this haphazard where you see vendors just selling their anywhere they think of. If one wants to eke out a living through vending come oit and go register with the local authority, that is the only way to be legal

chinotimba 2 months ago

uyu unogwara uyu, vending has never been illegal but where you do it can be illegal. we can't have people braaing maize cobs on pavements in the CBD. people selling mabero in front of banks and supermarkets. we are always thinking small

Chimboti Pizza 2 months ago

Ana @Chinotimba musangoda kunzi mataura, maplaces acho ari legal haakwane kuaccommodater mavendor ese plus kunobhadharwa. Plus ko kana pamberi pemabank paripo pane macustomer nhai?😕



Selling wares and food stuffs by vending is lawful as @Mantuza alluded to, as long as it is done at places set aside for that purpose and at specific times.

The vending which is not allowed is that vending which is done haphazardly because vendors must keep their vending places clean.



Yours faithfully
William Sonboy CHINEMBIRI

Chimboti Pizza 2 months ago

@Willy sonboy mwanangu, saka unofunga kuti mavendor ese anokwana munzvimbo dzakanzi dziri legal nekuwanda kwakaita mavendor here? Besides pari illegal ipapo panopa both macustomers nemavendors convenience and more profits. Mavendor anocontributer part hombe yeEconomy, kumabanner kuuraya economy

Nyashanu 2 months ago

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Nyasha Nyamande 2 months ago

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