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MDC Alliance Condemns Beating Of Deported Zimbabweans

MDC Alliance Condemns Beating Of Deported Zimbabweans

The Nelson Chamisa-led MDC Alliance has condemned the country’s security forces for allegedly assaulting and torturing citizens being deported by the South African government for violating the neighbouring country’s migration laws.

The MDC Alliance South Africa chapter said in a statement on Monday:

We would like to condemn in the strongest terms the harassment and abuse of deported Zimbabweans by Zimbabwean soldiers at the Beitbridge border post.

These are desperate Zimbabweans attempting to cross into South Africa because there are no jobs or cheap healthcare in Zimbabwe.

Scenes of huddled poor Zimbabweans surrounded by horse-riding, gun-totting soldiers are disconcerting. This in the midst of the fourth wave is uncalled for and illogical.

Equally puzzling are beatings being meted out on the hapless deportees by the soldiers and police officers.

The behaviour of the soldiers is callous and undeserved, and should therefore be stopped promptly.

The opposition party accused the ZANU PF-led Government of creating the migrant crisis by failing to deal with the country’s political and economic challenges that are now forcing hundreds of Zimbabweans to cross into South Africa illegally on a daily basis. The statement read:

We expect the clueless Harare regime to adopt a people-centred approach to deal with the migration of Zimbabweans to South Africa.

The ZANU-PF government is the author of the economic and political problems ordinary Zimbabweans are running away from.

How ironic is it that army officers from the underperforming Zimbabwean government are brutalising Zimbabweans for looking for greener pastures?

The humanitarian crisis being created at the Beitbridge Border post requires both the Zimbabwean and South African governments to work together to find long-lasting solutions to this annual migration.

The MDC Alliance raised their concerns after pictures of hundreds of Zimbabweans detained by soldiers and the police at the Beitbridge border post started circulating on social media platforms.

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Dumbude panashe 7 months ago

Pindirai zxipere mununure vana veZimbabwe Mr President CHAMISA

Dumbude panashe 7 months ago

Pindirai zxipere mununure vana veZimbabwe Mr President CHAMISA. Tiripo pakukupq

Shadows 7 months ago

"President chamisa" kkkkkkkk kumwe kurota so. @panashe unozvishoresa. Better we form another party . home is best, huyai tikupei minda tirime kwete kumaricho kujoza kwamakudzingwa kunge mbavha

Fman 7 months ago

It's very painful , the root of all these things is zanu pf they have failed to give the citizens what they want in terms of jobs lack of employment has caused people to cross to other areas in search of greener pastures

When zanu pf entered into the office they promised to settle zims economic crisis within 100 days but today they are talking about 2030 what's that

With what is going on now by 2023 people will no where to put an X

Zanu will be in for it

Nakai mundaramo 7 months ago

Varume mufananidzo yatirikona Hama dzedu ndasunga dzakananga joza pane vane mamusk here koiyo social distance ichiri kuchetedzwa here? Parizvino zvikoro zvakanzi azvivhurwi chirwere chatekeshera koiri kutambika iyi veutano vanogara sei kuungaidza over 700 vanhu isutakarambidzwa church inevanhu 60 kutyira covid ariko here Covid?

hdndjsjsjk 7 months ago

munoendep dzokai nevhote yenyu bsa kunotinyaudza nekutuka murmhir

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