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MCAZ Says Superlife Total Care (STC30) Is Illegal In Zimbabwe

MCAZ Says Superlife Total Care (STC30) Is Illegal In Zimbabwe

Medicines and medical devices regulator, the Medicines Control Authority of Zimbabwe (MCAZ) says Superlife Total Care (STC30), a trending herbal medicine on social media, is illegal for it has not been registered with the Authority.

Health Times’ Kudakwashe Pembere reports that STC30 is touted to cure almost every other disease and condition.

In a statement, MCAZ Acting Director General Mr Richard Rukwata said as a Regulator mandated to safeguard the safety of public and animal health, STC 30 does not have regulatory approval to be on sale in Zimbabwe.

He said STC30 and other herbal products claiming to be registered with the Authority are not found on their register. Reads the statement:

Superlife Total Care (STC30) and many similar products with their numerous medicinal and health claims make them registrable products. However. STC30 is currently not registered and not approved for sale in Zimbabwe. As the Authority we have noted the continued advertising and marketing of STC30 products especially on social media.

We urge members of the public to desist from buying such products which have not gone through any clinical trials and therefore their safety and efficacy has not been proven. Members of the public are encouraged to buy medicines from registered premises and person. These lists can be found on the online register found on our website htms://

The continued marketing and advertising of such unregistered “medicinal” products is not only an act of criminality but also puts the lives of the citizens at risk. As the Authority responsible for protecting public and animal health, MCAZ enforces adherence to standards by manufacturers and distributors and will exercise its statutory mandate against these perpetrators of these criminal acts.

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STC 4 months ago

herbs are also by traditional healers registered and not registered, its the patient's choice on what cure they need and it becomes illegal when it helps such that citizens shun hospitals

ED Shweeee 4 months ago

Usanetseke NESTS, ingotenga Kambucha. Husiku hwese yakamira.

Bvunzai 4cups Kembo Mu-Hard

Me 4 months ago

This STC30 Has been on the market for more than ten years where have you been all along.That kind of inefficiency boarders on corruption.

Sorojena 4 months ago

STC30 is performing miracles, why shouldn't they conduct clinical trials on it?

Surprised Onlooker 4 months ago

Pricing yacho mhani kubira vanhu ivovasina kuregister mbavha idzi nxaa.

Maparamuro 4 months ago

It's better to collect samples and test them as the regulatory authority if you are interested in the well being of the people.

Kenny 4 months ago

It's only illegal becoz they are not getting their tax moni from it, remember that energy drink that was also banned .

bhuru 4 months ago

nhai vabereki ko kambucha inonyatsomisa mb**** inhamba ani .thanx kune vachabatsira coz pane kepa next panc ndoda kukapedzera ne size inokwana

Jigga 4 months ago

Piwa number 4


Dell 4 months ago

Haa comrade kana makutoda something to make it stand stronger makupera basa. Kana muchipedza ma sports endai makadaro

sugar boy 4 months ago

sure murume anoenda akazvimirira kwete ku jegera

CHIMOMBE 4 months ago


murwere patient. 4 months ago

but STC 30 yacho ichirapa zvayo,....tongoramba tichingoitenga...fullstop.

The Adjudicator 4 months ago

STC30 is illegal,
Go for Kambucha!!

the adjudicated 4 months ago

well well MCAZ is more than useless because they have issued this nonsense after almost a decade of the marketing and selling of this therapy.moreover they are trying to stifle the use of the stem cell therapy frontier because they have been misled by Big Phama

OUR AFIRCA 4 months ago

STC 30 Inotengwa neanoida kwete munhu wese,yabatsira vanhu vakawanda paupenyu dai yanga yakaipa taiona nekukanganisika kwavanhu vakaishandisa for that 10 and more years
Varwadziwa kumaSurgery hakuchina vanhu ukooo kkkk

charlie charlie 4 months ago

stc30 greatly helped in my prostate issue....within 14 62yrs old


It is sad reading that Superlife Total Care [STC30] is not regularised by MCAZ to operate lawfully in Zimbabwe.

What MCAZ has not explained is the fact that why are they still operating without arresting and prosecuting them ?

It is not enough to just warn the public from buying their medicines. Those STC 30 shops should be closed and directors prosecuted.


Yours faithfully
William Sonboy CHINEMBIRI

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