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MAZ Condemns Chinese Embassy Threats Against Local Newspaper

MAZ Condemns Chinese Embassy Threats Against Local Newspaper

The Media Alliance of Zimbabwe (MAZ) has criticised the Chinese Embassy in Zimbabwe for threatening to take unspecified “strong countermeasures” against a local weekly publication, The Standard.

MAZ described the threat as an attack on press freedom adding that Zimbabwe’s constitution protects the practice of journalism and related freedoms. MAZ said in a statement:

While it is not peculiar that any individual, organisation or even state can have issues with aspects in part or whole of a news story, it is unacceptable to charge the media with unspecified actions.

… MAZ is, thus, taken aback by the intention of a foreign state, in the mould of a global power to counter a national media outlet with unspecified measures.

It is more so worrying that the threats are issued without exhausting legal remedies provided by the host nation.

Outside this diplomatic imperative, there are democratic ways in which any grievances against the media can be tabled.

MAZ advised the Chinese Embassy to take professional routes to air its grievances rather than resorting to threatening the media.

The Chinese Embassy issued a statement last week, warning The Standard, following the publication of a series of reports exposing unlawful activities by Chinese mining companies operating in Zimbabwe.

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Da Truth 4 weeks ago

Ukawona muyenzi ovhunditsiea vene vemusha apiwa mvumo na sabhuku 🇿🇼🆘😬😬😬😬🤐

Machiavelli 4 weeks ago

Under normal circumstances the Diplomat who authored that statement would be guilty of 'Behaviour inconsistent with diplomatic etiquette' and by rights should be politely requested to leave the country as diplomats cannot be sued citing diplomatic protocol. Threatening a citizen who is your host, exercising his Constitutional Right to Freedom of Speech is unheard of and is a flagrant violation of the host country's benevolence.

In other words the Chinese are directly threatening the peace and stability of their hosts, which is unheard of diplomatically. Unfortunately the Powers-that-be in Zimbabwe are complicit to emasculation of their citizens' rights to free speech. If the government cannot protect us who will?

Ever seeing one 4 weeks ago

You arenon point they can't come into our land and then threaten our media when issues are brought up about various issues ....


These Chinese people are enjoying more freedom in this country than in their motherland. Threatening locals ndozvatinoti "Vadziirwa" munyika medu. Who is going to protect us in our motherland?

Ttt 4 weeks ago

To hell with Chinese

CCC2023 4 weeks ago

we are now second class czns,Chinese are our new colonial masters,ungazvite izvozvo kuUSA,China kwacho ukaswerano here?????? zimbos think twice 2023......

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