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"May 9 Shutdown Was A Success" - Organisers

NUST student representative council (SRC) secretary-general Joseph Nyamayaro has said the Monday shutdown was a success although it was business as usual in most parts of the country.

The NUST SRC and ZINASU had organised the shutdown, calling on all other universities to join in the #Feesmustfall campaign to force the government to reduce exorbitant university fees. The Midlands State University responded to the shutdown by closing the university until May 30, 2022.

Workers in the public service had endorsed the protests saying the government should address their salary issues, inflation, and transport challenges that have been worsening in the recent past.

Nyamayaro told NewsDay that the shutdown was a success because the government was intimidated, which resulted in the deployment of heavily-armed police at the higher learning institution. Said Nyamayaro:

There is a lot of intimidation around all university campuses.  That is why the police have been deployed. I believe the regime is in panic mode, hence they want to counter the shutdown by tightening security at higher learning institutions. 

A snap survey by NewsDay in different parts of the country showed that although it was business as usual, there was a heavy police presence.

The government Monday deployed heavily armed security forces around the country in anticipation of a nationwide shutdown.

In Harare, armed security personnel were in areas such as the Africa Unit Square and the capital’s major streets.

In Bulawayo, police also deployed water cannons in apparent readiness to thwart possible protests by activists, while riot police armed with batons and teargas canisters were camped at the National University of Science and Technology (NUST).

The government also directed officials to monitor the presence of government workers every two hours.

In 2019, a shutdown triggered violent protests and running battles between security services and civilians. 

The Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe president Obert Masaraure the shutdown was a success considering that it forced president Emmerson Mnangagwa to reverse a ban on private-owned public transport as a way to address transport challenges. 

ZINASU national spokesperson Lenon Mazuru echoed Masaraure’s remarks while Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition chairperson Peter Mutasa bemoaned intimidation of activists by suspected State security agents. 

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bhangu 1 month ago

no success apa kutovharwa ne ma union akapiwa Mari vakuru vacho....kana uchimiririra vashadi woti success sei pasinakana Mari yauya....masoja akapiw 37 % ...USA raitonzi 175 iye inoda kubviswa apana chemushandi apa ....saka panoda imwe shutdown ye two weeks kwouya USA 540 kwe the nhema kuhoreswa ndorani munyika mentu vangu vachinopondewa kunze kwenyika uko vachitsvaka Mari success wat so ever

citizen 1 month ago

you guys are insane,momboziva chonzi shutdown here,muri matununu chaiwo

Daudi 1 month ago

Bvunz COVID 19 kuti shutdown yakamira sei

queen vee 1 month ago

KO yerate amana

1 month ago

concerned 1 month ago

very much successful ,et least one objective achieved nyaya yemacombi ,

Judah jongwe 1 month ago

This shutdown is the only successful shutdown in Zimbabwe coz musoro bhangu akagadzirisa 0ne or two things faster faster plus akatambisa tym yePolice Dai every month tikaita shutdown vanomuka

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