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Masiyiwa's Higher Life Foundation Praying For Zimbabwe's Upcoming Elections

Masiyiwa's Higher Life Foundation Praying For Zimbabwe's Upcoming  Elections

Higher Life Foundation, in conjunction with Global intercessors, has started a 90-day prayer session for Africa with a focus on Zimbabwe’s general elections scheduled for later this year.

Dubbed “Lift Up Africa”, the initiative began in 2021 mainly focusing on Zimbabwe but has now been rolled out to all African countries aimed at bringing about divine intervention on problems facing the continent.

Higher Life Foundation co-founder Tsitsi Masiyiwa said the scripture for the prayer session is Jeremiah 29 vs. 10-14. She said:

Africa is on the brink of greatness with economic growth, a booming population, increased peace, and cutting-edge technology on the rise, but to truly reach our potential, we need to come together in prayer and lift up the continent to the heavens.

James 5 vs. 16 tells us that the prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.

Now imagine the impact of thousands of people United in purpose and faith, lifting up Africa during these 90 days of prayer.

We will be praying for every region of Africa, North, East, West, Central, and Southern. We will be lifting up our aspirations for economic development, the youth, and the upcoming elections in Zimbabwe and across the continent.

Our theme scripture for this campaign is taken from Jeremiah 29 vs. 10-14, which reminds us that God has a plan for us, a hope, and a future that we should pray for peace and prosperity.

As Jesus says in Matthew 18 vs 20, For where two or three are gathered in my name, there I am with them.

So, let us come together in his name, in faith and with the guidance of our theme scripture, and watch as our prayers bring about powerful change in Africa.

Zimbabwe is expected to hold its general elections later this year, with most of the previous elections characterised by cases of politically-motivated violence. |

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mmmmmmm 4 days ago

Our God is great

Mukmeric 4 days ago

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Mukmeric 4 days ago

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@Mukmeric 4 days ago

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kana ndakutonga inini ndichauya exploit all natural resources for the good of the nation and after the first five years I will ban all donors because Zimbabwe will be rich and will be donating to the West

. 4 days ago

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Mukmeric 4 days ago

Econet hariwanike zvekudaro iri

anonymous 4 days ago

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.. 3 days ago

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😎vayavaya 4 days ago

ah nhai amai masiiwa, makanganwa kudainza Dr Amai Mrs Munangagwa...
inga kwese vanoenda Wani
Savaltion Army
kana. muine uniform , don't worry vanouya neyavo...

munongobararadza 4 days ago

hanzi na Leonard Karikoga Zhakata vana veZimbabwe munongobararadza muchasvikepiko ndiani achakunzwai pasong inonzi Tinevimbo

defender of the faith 4 days ago

we will join you in prayer ..
thank you


penis 4 days ago

ask nyatene

samanyika 4 days ago

motonamata baba cause mhepo dzinozobata ana vamngarwa dzekuti kombai vanhu murove ma one

Yellow 🟡🟡🟡 4 days ago

How far drod

zanu pf 4 days ago

CCC hokoyo kt unowacha paminamato

stallion 3 days ago

Vanotenda Kuna Mwari vachanzwikwa minamato yavo asi benzi rinoti hakuna Mwari rinenhamo mberi ichanotambwa mugehena. Mabasa enyu tinoatenda tinoakudza

. 3 days ago

stalion wataura chokwadi

saint 3 days ago

There is nothing like that in the New Testament. You don't just pray without acknowledging the commandments of God and the teachings of Jesus Christ in the New Testament doctrine. You will be wasting your time.

Tindo 3 days ago

Is she telling us she is righteous

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