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Masaraure Urges Zimbabweans To Demand Services Now, Not To "Defer Lives To 2023 Ballot"

Masaraure Urges Zimbabweans To Demand Services Now, Not To

Obert Masaraure who leads the Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (ARTUZ) has urged fellow citizens to demand service delivery from the government saying they can’t defer their lives to the 2023 ballot when they will elect a new government.

He specifically mentioned the power crisis in Zimbabwe saying the southern African country has the potential to be a net exporter of power adding that citizens have to push authorities for that to happen. 

His remarks come after President Emmerson Mnangagwa Sunday stated that the power crisis was making Zimbabwe unattractive to potential investors and that the government was working on finding solutions. 

In a Twitter thread seen by Pindula News, Masaraure said:

We can’t defer our lives to the 2023 ballot. The gvt of the day must deliver services now. The electricity crisis must be solved now! Ruling elites are swimming in 500 000, 350 000 & 40 000 but they can’t import electricity? Fellow Citizens let’s unite & demand services from our gvt.

Solutions to the electricity crisis are not very sophisticated, we have the potential to be net exporters of clean electricity. What we need is an active citizenry to hold duty-bearers accountable. If citizens unite and demand electricity this crisis will be a thing of the past.

The NDS1 set targets on power generation, giving alternatives to hydroelectric power in the context of climate change & import substitution measures in face of erratic regional supplies. What has to be done is known & well-documented. An active citizenry can force gvt to implement.

But we need a competent Energy Minister to lead the implementation of NDS1.@fortunechasi was way better than the Soda guy.

He rallied Zimbabweans to petition President Mnangagwa to fire Energy Minister Zhemu Soda and “get us a competent Minister to implement NDS1.”

He said, “Soda can also save himself the Shame and just resign.”

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Godo 2 months ago

Well said

Sorojena 2 months ago

People of the accursed land, lets listen to this voice of wisdom. Surely, surely do you think this geriatric octogenarian leader in the name of Mnangagwa with a 42 year failure track record would deliver this country to prosperity. We are now at the cross road lets be serious. Let 2023 be the year of cleansing our beautiful Zimbabwe from the Zanu pf curses and spells👆❎

ARTUzvi 2 months ago

Concentrate on welfare yema teachers. Resignation ya Minister ichanaisa mvura ku Zambia/DRC here kuti Kariba izare??

2 months ago

Confining your brain to Kariba dam as the only source of power generation mechanics is tantamount to suicide.

2 months ago

@ARTUZvi. Do not publicly showcase your hollow cranium. Electricity is an essential service for teachers too. They need electricity to teach practical subjects like woodwork, metal work, food & nutrition, computer studies and the sciences etc etc. The classrooms, laboritories & libraries also need lighting. Teachers also need electricity at home to mark pupils' books, to do research, scheming and for themselves and their families.

As a teacher of society in general, Obert Masaraure is teaching Zimbabweans that they deserve better leadership & should action to demand service delivery & bring leaders to account. It's called social studies.

Chitepo School of Ideology 2 months ago

The power cuts are because of the war btwn Russia and Ukraine

Anonymous 2 months ago

Batoka project ,green fuels .

Tajamuka Group 2 months ago

Zvaizvozvi tipei magetsi,tazogara tosangana 2023


Vesto 2 months ago

To ZANU Obert Masaraure, and Peter (ex-president of ZCTU) are only second to Chamisa in the irritation stakes. Vanotaura zvinoti dyooo. No wonder they are always framed by ZANU Republic Police.

Keep it up boys. We need more citizens with balls like you

mafirakureva 2 months ago

the problem we have like exactly pointed out here the gvt is accountable to noone vanongoita zvavanoda liking looting that's what this regime will be remembered for and beating and killing those that question their management style which is way way out of context with the original Zanu of doctrine saka Ava ndivanaani vachimirirei

patriot 2 months ago

ichokwadi magetsi haana basa kuti uri party ipi it is a national cause

Tang ku 2 months ago

The only answer to these problem is to dislodge zanupf from power through ballot or barrel

fun time 1 month ago


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