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Marry Mubaiwa's Mother Laments Daughter's "Helpless State"

Marry Mubaiwa's Mother Laments Daughter's

The mother of Marry Mubaiwa, Vice-President Constantino Chiwenga’s former wife said that her daughter’s current physical condition breaks her heart.

Marry’s mother, Helga Mubaiwa, told Alpha Media Holdings’ Heart & Soul Television (HStv) last Thursday during the Freetalk programme that her daughter is unable to speak.

Marry has been brought to court several times on allegations of forging her marriage to Chiwenga, plotting to kill the VP while he was sick and admitted to a hospital in South Africa, money laundering and assaulting her maid.

At one point, she was issued with a warrant of arrest for failing to climb the court stairs to attend a hearing after she came to court in an ambulance.

The arrest warrant was later cancelled by a magistrate.

Marry is suffering from cancer, which has severely affected her arms and legs.

Helga believes her daughter is receiving harsh treatment from the courts. She said:

Currently, she is not feeling well. I can say she is critically ill, and she is not speaking.

Even yesterday (last Wednesday) at court, she was in a wheelchair, she was drowsy and she didn’t even know where she was.

But because we had to take her to court, we had to find means to do so.

My daughter’s predicament is a difficult one, and seeing her in this helpless state breaks my heart.

Her hand is, indeed, lifeless, but we couldn’t consent on her behalf. We are trying to talk to her to get it removed.

She is not in the right state of mind. It is difficult even to persuade her to do so.

Every human being deserves the same treatment, rich or poor. For Marry, I don’t think she is getting enough fairness in everything.

Last week, opposition MPs questioned the acting leader of the House in the National Assembly, Monica Mutsvangwa why Marry was continuously being brought before the courts when she is visibly ill.

Mutsvangwa could not give a satisfactory answer.

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Makalamba 1 month ago

Arinane akambodyawo mapost Rhodesia benefits mari yeZanu inemuseredzero

UntZanuPf 1 month ago

Musa tambudza munhu muchienda naye kucourt. kana wachiuya kumusunfa let the devil's come

Nyakutumbura 1 month ago

God will judge every person rich or poor, strong or weak... everything comes to an end.

Onewhoknows 1 month ago

God only exists in your mind.

Manikiniki 1 month ago

Marry just confess your sins to the Lord almighty and ask for forgiveness all this will go away

Onlooker 1 month ago

Maybe Marry has already confessed.Lets not be too harsh on her surely if some of you wereGod nothing good would come out.I personally don't like VP because he is ruthless and powerful.He rules harshly.I feel sorry for Marry and nothing for VP.

Onlooker 1 month ago

Do you want Marry to confess to you?Are you God who forgives her sins??Sit down!!!

@onlooker 1 month ago

unedzvene uye dzungu

pk 1 month ago

confessed kuti kudii
akataura here kuti akadyisa umwe wake mucheturs😂😂

Tintin 1 month ago

dai maitsura c.h.i.h.u.r.e chake dai pasina kana dambudziko.

😳 1 month ago

hmmmm heartless saskama

MuPfungwe Chaiye 1 month ago

Mwana uyu apika gehena rake pasi pano.😢😢😢🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ Zvinonzwisa tsitsi


bhuru 1 month ago

ngaaende ku court.....zvine basarei zvirikutarwa na mai vacho.......inga maimbofarao pazvaiva zvakanaka.......

Angry citizen 1 month ago

Zvonaka zviri kwa mai sugar, zva kwa mai salt zvovava

pee 1 month ago

uuum zvaMary zvondirwadzwa,uuum asi kudenga kunaMwari vadikani,the bible says,,do unto others what yu want them to do unto yu

Just concerned 1 month ago

it's not fair and yet we still singing the song of fair justice, like those who are doing so don't think they are humans even though it's work. One has to show sympathy to those that deserve it.
Even if she might have her errors justice shouldn't operate on the bases of whose who and who is wronged when someone health it's critical.

Chawabvunza 1 month ago

I shudder to think the day Zimbabweans shall blindly vote that cruel man into National Presidency. The man is dangerously cruel. Citizens must not allow him anywhere near the State House. He should remain in peripheral of power.

Gafa 1 month ago

Mai makatadza kuraira mwana hauroorwi uripanoumwe murume.I think its a good lesson to other money greedy ladies.

Herc 1 month ago

Most Zimbabweans who vote are slow learners you ll be surprised to see him as president some years from now. Its called African politics.

charlie charlie 1 month ago

nemi.mbuya mange mafarisao kufunga kuitao MP kwa Seke notutsigiro rwomumvana Mary...dai makachimuraira kugara zvakanaka nemurume
...shame on Mary..dai.vaChiwengwa vamuregerera nokumunzwira tsitsi voudza matare kuti nyaya iyi I've domestic affair ...kunyangwe Mary ange ada kufuma nechikiribidi

t 1 month ago

chi**** hachibhadhare

t 1 month ago

chi**** hachibhadhare

JJ 1 month ago

sangana nazvo kudazvinhu

JJ 1 month ago

kuda zvinhu chi****

JJ 1 month ago

kuda zvinhu chi****

101 1 month ago

there is no justice in Zimbabwe, how can you say that dying poor marry should attend a court session on that kinda healthy state? this justice is ****ed up, justice should prevail and not let politics lead. #asante_sana

VaBoy 1 month ago

chidzidzo ku vanhu kadzi

Shida 1 month ago


Gandiwa 1 month ago

dayi ugere nashingi dayi pasina zvese izvi

Gandiwa 1 month ago

dayi usina kutiza Shingi zvimwe u gadayi usimo mazviri zvauri

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