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Marry Mubaiwa To Appeal Conviction For Marriage Fraud

Marry Mubaiwa To Appeal Conviction For Marriage Fraud

Marry Mubaiwa, the ex-wife of Vice President Constantino Chiwenga will be appealing her conviction for marriage fraud by a Harare magistrate, her lawyer Beatrice Mtetwa has said.

Mubaiwa was found guilty of contravening the Marriage Act after she tried to upgrade her customary union with Chiwenga without his consent.

She had claimed Chiwenga had agreed to formalise their union while he was hospitalised in India.

Mtetwa said in convicting Mubaiwa, magistrate Lanzini Ncube ignored their submissions and said he came “up with a case of his own in passing judgement”. Said Mtetwa:

My view is that the conviction is a bad conviction, we have already prepared our notice of appeal and grounds of appeal.

The Magistrate ignored every submission we made, all the contradictions in the state’s case and he created a new case of his own completely not based on what the charge sheet says, so we are appealing.

Mubaiwa was given an option to pay ZWL$60 000 or go to jail for six months.

The magistrate ruled she was not in good health to go to jail or perform hours of community service.

He also said Mubaiwa deserves a second chance since she is a first time offender.

Mubaiwa has several other charges pending before the courts including fraud, attempted murder and assault.


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dzokeraa kunemutambi shingi the great kawo kingshango 1 month ago

kudazvinhu **** shingi akaroora n happy

Shamah 1 month ago

Ummmmm mukadzi atambudzwa uyu veduwe

Digo 1 month ago

Ndokusuvira kupora Marry ugoziva mangwana chinonzi rudo imari hr kana rudo rwakakwana I wish u a quick recovery

sugar boy 1 month ago

vachinyanya kuda ana nema dhara

Povooo 1 month ago

pakaipa if she pays that fine she would have admitted that she is guilty after all the other pending cases are linked the same case panotozowana dzinomunyudza chete ipapo hadzimupotse


THE FIEND 1 month ago

Nharo dze ZANU pf ,anenge achida kuramba achiwumburuka mu Court.

mutadza 1 month ago

ngaatibvire kumhepo

Machiavelli 1 month ago

@King of Serpents, it's not just a matter of letting sleeping dogs lie, or a simple matter of affordability of the fine. It's all about justice being done and justice to be seen to be done.

Among other things why did Jenarari address the court in camera? What did he say th6he didn't want the public to know? Marry did not just do everything herself. There was a magistrate ready to solemnise the marriage. The clerk of court.... ad nauseam. And none of those people were ever induced by money or favours by Marry. Something fishy there.

unless you're telling me that Jenarari was not of sound mind... in other words cuckoo.

I rest my case

Aikaka 1 month ago

uyu anenge anatwowo futi ngaasiyane nazvo izvi

chanzy 1 month ago


Kkkkk 1 month ago

She just once pity of the face of fhe world, shoud could have just paid and leave in peace, she is chasing ghosts with her state being in and out of courts umm chero ivo valawyer vacho havana good advice, these rich ghosts they are a problem

mbuya chiwenga 1 month ago

iwe just pay wakanyarara iro dzungu iroro ndoro richaita kuti uvharirwe

The King of Serpents 1 month ago

Just pay the 60 000ZW Marry and put this issue behind you, you can afford it.

Mbombi 1 month ago

Did you read the part which says she has several other charges pending like fraud, attempted murder and assault.
Agreeing to this charge may actually result in her losing the other charges as it will now be easy for the prosecutor to establish a motive

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