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Married Man Uses Explosives To Blast Himself After Being Dumped By A Lover

Married Man Uses Explosives To Blast Himself After  Being Dumped By A Lover

 A married man from Silobela tied explosives to his head before blowing himself up after being chased away by his girlfriend on Friday.

The incident occurred at Mahari business centre in Lower Gweru.

Midlands acting police spokesperson Ethel Mukwende confirmed the incident saying the deceased, Isaac Shumba, (31), was from Kwayikwayi Village under Chief Malisa.

He is said to have wielded a knife at witnesses who tried to calm him down while tying explosives to his head before igniting the fuse. Mukwende said:

Police in Silobela are investigating the a case of sudden death, where a 31-year old male adult died after he blew off his head with explosives for being jilted.

It is said Shumba visited his girlfriend who is aged 24 years at the same business centre where it is alleged his girlfriend told him to go back to his family. This did not go down well with him, and a misunderstanding arose between the two.

It is then alleged that the now deceased Shumba ran amok, wielding a knife and threatening to kill anyone who came close, while fastening explosives on his head.

Mukwende added that Shumba ignited the fuse of the explosives, which blew his head off, whilst standing on the veranda of the shop.

He died on the spot and a report was made to the police who attended the scene.

The body was ferried to Silobela Hospital mortuary for postmortem while investigations are in still progress.


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silobela 9 months ago

kkkkkk haaa musikana anenge ainaka uyu

Yellow Mellow 💛 9 months ago

MaNdebele anonaka iwe

Ras 9 months ago

Married man ?

ghetto yut 9 months ago

postmortem yei futi hanty he blew his head off 💣

Mai kein 9 months ago

akasiiwa akatemba kkkkk kuita kunyura murudo

LOVE EXPERT 9 months ago

Blindfolded by love! Its common! But killing oneself is not the solution. Simple means are via counselling and exercising!

Chapwititi Kestombela 9 months ago

Never use your heart to love a side-chick. One day she will find that dude who is better than you and she won't hesitate to tell you to go back to your wife. The poor guy failed to fathom the rejection, maybe he was so boosting of being a wild horse to his peers 😂😂😂😂😂. Side chicks are hitting these dudes hard. Otherwise dira hako rizare ndidhakwe 🍶

Mangethe 9 months ago

There's this guy who always invites people to SILOBELA
Isn't him who blasted his head😂😂

cojone 9 months ago

ndiye 😂😂😂


g 9 months ago

yaaa ndofunga mai vaive kurungai ava and tsano vakarohwa bag. anyway dira rizare wangu

Machiavelli 9 months ago

I will only consider suicide kana ndarambwa nesadza

😹😹👆👆👆 9 months ago

This guy is not serious
Udlisi Team
He apparently paid three beasts to the girls' parents.....

VYBZ KARTEL 9 months ago

Mhazi muzukuru wafa😭😭😭😭

sugar boy 9 months ago

I think mukadzi uyu anga ane chikapa chemhando yepamusoro soro

Ini zvangu 9 months ago

Anga akagarwa nengozi ya Bin Laden, yechi terrorists.

Mafirakureva 9 months ago

aiwa...m yechisvirista 🤣🤣🤣

Silobela 9 months ago

Zvakaoma hazvo mukomana uyu ndomuziva zvakanyanya ukoona ma photos

Roma 9 months ago

Zvakaitika ne Thursday pamafumo kwete kwamahari ku Loreto Mission

Mahari 9 months ago

Akatongengetwa ne Friday munhu uyu

Anonymous 9 months ago

Munhu anenge asiya atuka mukadzi kumba

The King of Serpents 9 months ago

As for me, side chick kwete. No side chick = no headaches. It's better to pay $5 US to a prostitute for 1 night than kurohwa $200 neside chick for the same service and period. May his soul rest in peace though.

Chaminuka 2 months ago

Haaa the king of serpents wapa dzidziso yeshuwa ipapo kkkk idiko muzukuru

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