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Study Medicine in Poland

Are you an aspiring doctor?

If your answer is yes , we are here to assist you pursue medicine at one of the most prestigious medical universities in Poland , Andrzej Frcycz Krakow University.

Why is it Worth Studying Medicine at Andrzej Frycz Modrzewski Krakow University?

Studies are based on a worldwide educational experience and reflect modern trends in this field.

The curriculum consists mostly of integrated modules which combine the content of different traditional disciplines. The modules related to basic sciences are based on body systems – the nervous and the muscular system, the circulatory and the respiratory system, the gastrointestinal system, the urinary and the reproductive system – and contain elements of anatomy, histology or physiology. Clinical subjects are also integrated in modules such as cardiology, gastroenterology, and endocrinology,. which include topics from internal medicine, surgery, pediatrics, radiology etc. Such an approach makes it easier for students to adopt a holistic and multi-dimensional medical mindset.

Early contact with the patients combined with humanistic teaching.

Starting from the first year students are exposed to patients in the module: “First encounter with the sick person” The biological, chemical and physical aspects of medical education are complemented with more general and humanistic subjects such as “How to be a medical doctor?”, “History of medicine” and “Death as seen from a biological, social, and cultural perspective”.

Practical Training.

Practical training comprises altogether over 1,200 hours within the course of the 5-year-long medical programme realized either in a direct contact with patients (so-called bedside teaching), or in various laboratory practices (e.g. microscopical laboratory, biochemical and diagnostic laboratory, laboratory of medical simulation, etc.) . After each year of studies students are obliged to take 4 weeks of summer clerkships amounting to 600 hours in total (20 ECTS credits). On top of it 30 weeks of practical clinical rotations are scheduled for year 6. The summer clerkships as well as the final clinical training in year 6 will be held at healthcare centres selected by the University. The practical skills acquired during the 6 years will be tested in an OSCE practical examination.

The programme is student-friendly, while at the same time guaranteeing that the learning outcomes defined in the Standards for medical education are met. Additionally, a study system based on tutoring ensures that students have the assistance and support of their supervisors at every stage. The University has well equipped laboratories and a nice campus located close to the city center. Its main strength however is its staff, competent and friendly towards students.

Requirements for Candidates.

The basis for admission to Medicine in English are the following criteria:

- A Level Certificate in either Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Mathematics or a module composed of at least of one of these three 

- O Level Certificate 

- Passport 

- Medical certificate, issued in accordance with the provisions on occupational medicine, testifying to lack of medical conditions which might affect the Candidate’s participation in the course of studies.

- Valid medical report certifying that the Candidate is able to work under conditions which may lead to transmission of infection or infectious disease, issued in accordance with the provisions on sanitary and epidemiological services.

- 1 current photo (colour photo sized 35x45mm, taken against a uniform bright background, with the face constituting 70-80% of the frame, presented frontally, without headgear and tinted glasses, with the eyes looking straight ahead and not covered by hair).

What are tuition and accommodation costs?

Tuition Fee - €7500 per year

Accommodation - €150 per month

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