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Stands and Houses


Stands and Houses

Condition: New Property (Stands, Houses)
Sold By: Milton Mumviro
Seller WhatsApp Number: +263785078544

Full Description

Kwekwe stands & homes *KWEKWE PROPERTIES FOR SALE* *RESIDENTIAL STANDS* 🏕️250m² in section 2 ME Zimasco side US$7 000 🏕️200m² in section 2 opposite old 8 US$6 500 🏕️300m² in section 8 kmp US8 500 🏕️375m² in section 22 with Electricty US$8 500 🏕️422m² in section 19 US$9 500 🏕️450m² in section 8 kmp US$10 000 🏕️300m² in section 21 CBZ Project US$8 500 *LOW DENSITY STANDS* 🏕️1200m² in Newtown near Kwekwe Pry Schl US$17 000 🏕️1200m² in Msasa North US$16 000 🏕️1300m² in Msasa North US$16 500 🏕️1433m² in Southwood extension US$16 000 🏕️2814m² in Chicago just after Fitchlea US$26 000 🏕️4012m² in Chicago Hezeldine US$32 000 🏕️4050m² in Chicago Hezeldine US$33 000 🏕️4000m² in Chicago along Chiunduro Road US$30 000 🏕️4000m² in Golden Acres US$32 000 🏕️1500m² in Golden Acres North US$18 000 *CONTACTS* *0713580062 *0785078544

Payment Methods: Cash on Delivery

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