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Condition: Not Specified Hair & Beauty
Sold By: mia's consultancy
Seller WhatsApp Number: 0737330790

Full Description

🌹 *Avon Scented Spritz USES*🌸 _I love the Avon Scented Spritz. My top 3 favorites are the :_ 🍓 Tempting strawberry and white chocolate Spritz 🍓 Raspberry & Cassis Spritz 🍓 Blackberry & Vanilla Spritz _In fact, all of them are quite good!_ 🌸 *BODY USES* 🌹 _Use as a light body spray. Suitable also for those allergic to strong fragrances._ 🌹 _Use it to cool down and feel fresh especially on a hot day._ 🌹 _Use it after your evening bath as it is light and not too strong when you sleep._ 🌹 _Spray it onto your hair, weave or wig for a fresh scent._ 🌸 *HOME & LINEN* 🌹 _Use as a room or toilet freshener._ 🌹 _Spray it on your light bulbs (when it's off!), when you switch it on, the scent is spread across the room._ 🌹 _Use it on your sheets and blankets when making your bed for that fresh feeling, especially on the pillows._ 🌹 _Spray it after your spring/thorough cleaning on your folded or hung up clothes, shoes, sheets_ 🌸 *CLOTHES* 🌹 _Use it when ironing your clothes. Pour some in your steam iron - mixed with water for that fresh scent when you iron your clothes._ 🌹 _Spray it in your shoes too._ 🌹 _Spray it in your handbags or travel bags for that fresh scent._ 🌸 *CAR USES* 🌹 _Spray it in your car for a burst of freshness. Keep it in your car as well to spray it regularly

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