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Private Norton School for sale 1.2mil USD - 4.7hectares ,deeds - 3Blocks ,9Classrooms - ECD A and B ,Grade 1-3 - Block 1 ,Grade4-7-(with teachers office in each class. - Gazebo - office and resting place for kids - Dining hall (this was used for functions and kids during break time and lunch time by boarders (The school was a boarding school ,they used to rent a house nearby the school) - Borehole with a 5000L watertank - Foundation for 11 hostels and 1 boarding masters apartment. - Toilets (with 4seaters each for boys ,4seaters for girls ,one for gentleman and one for Ladies - Sports grounds + ( football, netball) Toilet- boys - 10seaters,Urinary,change room,5showers and hand wash basins,Teachers toilet . Girls (Toilets) 10 seater ,change room,5showers and hand wash basins -The school is registered with the ministry of Primary and secondary Education. *Serious buyers* 0783492409

Sold by: Leah Kazingizi

Payment Methods: Cash on Delivery

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