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Pylontech Lithium Ion 3.5kW US3000C Battery



Pylontech Lithium Ion 3.5kW US3000C Battery

Condition: New Solar
Sold By: Galaxy Solar
Seller WhatsApp Number: 0776152167
Pylontech US3000 lithium batteries, 3.55 kWh modules, maximum instantaneous charge and discharge power and depth of discharge up to 95%. 10 year warranty Longer life cycle, exceeding 6000 cycles Internal molecular structure of LFP batteries Compact and modular design Soft-start mode : reduces the peak current when the inverter must start with only one battery

Full Description

Pylontech’s US3000 batteries, with LFP lithium technology, have several advantages:

  • Longer life cycle , which exceeds 6000 cycles.
  • The internal molecular structure is more stable and safer, allowing an increase in combustion temperature equal to 600 ° C compared to 300 ° C relative to NMC and LCO;
  • Wide expansion possibilities of the overall storage capacity;
  • Greater depth of discharge (DOD 95%);
  • Compact and modular design that allows for easy installation / upgrade;
  • Ability to operate in different temperature conditions;
  • Integrated BMS

This type of battery is installed in special racks with a size directly proportional to the desired storage capacity.

The US3000 occupies a space of 3U in the cabinet and it is possible to install them without a minimum space between one battery and another.

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