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Nutriplant Organic Fertilizer

US $50.00

US $50.00

Nutriplant Organic Fertilizer

Condition: New Farming Supplies
Sold By: Mr Cleopas
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Seller WhatsApp Number: 0788137945
Fertilizer kuvarimi vanhasi . You use it once and you have a great harvest for seasons.

Full Description

  • Suitable for all plants
  • It is natural and of high quality
  • Prevents over fertilization 
  • Balances the soil ecosystem
  • Boost plants health naturally 
  • Delivers nutrients in a slow but sustainable rate
  • The process of decomposition requires no chemical intervention 
  • Does not upset the balance in the soil because they dont leave behind any artificial compound
  • It is user friendly
  • For more information contact
  • Calls 0784680803

Payment Methods: Cash on Delivery

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