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Nurse aide lessons


Nurse aide lessons

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For more info and registration visit pioneer house 8th ave and fife street 7th floor office 703

Any questions WhatsApp +263713994783 Or call 0776109636

*Social healthcare Trainings*

*MedCare Academy*

Enrollment 🔛 for 2022 Registration in progress

⛑*Certified nurse assistant course*

Total Duration :5 months

Theory. :2 months

Attachment. :3 months

Tution fee. : $50 / R900(a month)

Registration fee : 5usd

Requirements: uniform, name tag, badge, pulling socks exam fee etc

*Entry* Copy of Id 👩🏽‍⚕️

*Occupational health nurse assistant*

Total duration 7 months

Theory. :4 months

Attachment. :3 months average

Tution fee :$50usd per month

Reg. :5 usd *Entry* Copy of ID COPY OF O LEVEL CERTIFICATE 🏥

*Geriatrics and Pediatrics*

Theory. 3 months

Attachment 6 months

Tuition fee. $50 usd per month

Reg fee. $ 5 usd

🚧 *Occupational health and safety management*

Certificate- 6 months

Tuition fee $50usd a month 👨🏻‍🎓🧑🏻‍🎓

*Graduation ceremony/ certification to be conducted and a graduation fee to be charged* intake in progress ***Our courses are internationally recognised******* NB: *we enroll every month *

Sold by: Mary

Payment Methods: Cash on Delivery

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