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Fowl Run Construction


Fowl Run Construction

Condition: Not Specified Hardware, Building
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════════════════ Raising chickens is becoming more and more popular with small farmers, urban farmers, homesteaders and others. For a small scale poultry production, a good shelter or housing facility is a must for keeping your birds safe and happy. You need to make proper poultry housing design / plan & structure before starting your poultry farming business or making a poultry house. Useful Tips For Building A Poultry House: ✓ The size of the run you will need to build depends on the size of your flock. ✓ The rule of thumb is to allow a minimum of ten square feet of outdoor pen space per chicken. So that means if you have ten chickens, you should plan on a pen that’s at least 10x10, or 100 square feet. ✓ The poultry house must be well ventilated. ✓ Ensure adequate entrance of sunlight and fresh air inside the house. ✓ Clean the house properly before keeping the birds inside the poultry house. ✓ The poultry house and all equipment must have to be free from virus, parasites and germs. ✓ Build the poultry house in such a place where all the poultry birds are free from all types of wild animals and other predators. Get in touch with your trusted construction company for your agricultural projects. ════════ Mobile: +263784347451 +263782977692 WhatsApp: +263784347451 +263782977692 Email: ════════ Our Services (Design & Construction) Farm layout - Farmhouse - Poultry Housing, Cattle Barns, Dairy Buildings, Milking Parlors, Pig pens, Goat Pens, Shades, Horse Facilities, Storage Rooms & many other possibilities. Optimise your farm for better results ═════

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