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eye care


eye care

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🔥EYE PROBLEMS👁️MAZISO AKUTAMBUDZA HERE?* *Ndine Mushonga wemaziso* 0717941867 👁️Anobuda maranga(mabori) 👁️Anoita kunge anemajecha 👁️Anoonera kurekure 👀dambudziko remaziso rinokonzerwa nekuda kwechirwere chesugar or diabetes 👁️Anoonera pedyo 👁️Anoona zvinhu zvakaita senge makore 👁️Ane /anoita tsanga 👁️Ane Gomarara 👁️Anouya nekuda kwekuti munhu ane (sugar diabetes) Ndine nzira yekugadzirisa izvi nezvimwe zvinobata maziso pasina kuvhiiwa kana kuParwa *EYE DISORDERS* (PROBLEMS) The *EYE* allows everyone to see everything surrounding an individual, getting to understand it completely after a proper interpretation by the brain. ⚡Various disorders can happen to our eyes, thus disrupting the eye sight leading into daily challenges such as: *1.MYOPIA*(Short sightedness) - ability to see propely *only near* objects. *2.HYPEROPIA*(Long Sightedness) - ability to see properly *only far /distant* objects. *3.CATARACTS* - clouding of *eye lenses* *4.DRY EYES* -inability of eyes to provide adequate eye moisture. *5.PINK EYES* -irritation in the eyes *6.EYE INJURY* - physical injury to the eye by an object, chemicals, etc. *Causes of Eye disorders* ⚡Trauma ⚡ Accident ⚡ Diabetes ⚡Biological diversity 🎗️ Paralysis that interfere with Eye Sight. *Signs & Symptoms* 🥏Blurred vision 🥏Headaches after doing long tasks 🥏Having problems with reading close or distant letters 🥏Difficulty in reading small prints 🥏Inability to see in dim light 🥏Partial or Complete loss of vision 🥏Eye redness 🥏Dry eyes 🥏Always need for bright light. I have an EYE Care Packagethat Prevent Correct/Reverse most eye disorders permanently using *100%* natural and organic products no side effects *App or call 263717941867*

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