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Clothing Bales

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Clothing Bales
Location: Harare

Easylife bales 

For all your types of bales Free delivery distance is nothing and no lockdown with us tosvika pese 



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                              CHILDREN STAFF

Children mix 0-12yrs      $300us ( BBY rummger$280 (0-8years)

Children mix 0-14yrs $300us

Light chldrn rummage $350us

Bby light 0-6yrs $450us

Girl dress $380us

Boys jean $300us

Children jogging suits $280us

Children track suits $280us

Children jackets $280us


                                                 LADIES STAFF

Ladies summer tops      $200us

Mix blouse $230us

Chiffon blouse $280us

Mix dress $280us

mix skirt $280us                       

Summer dress $280us

Cotton dress $300us

Polly & silk dress $380us

Ladies underwear $300us

Braa $280 -$300                       

Jeggins $280us

Leggins $280us

                                              MEN STAFF

Men t shirt                       $280us

Men shirt $280us

Men Adult jean $300us

Skin jean $280us

Men underwear $300us

Mix short $250us Cargo short $300us

Men khakhi trouse $270us


                                              WINTER STAFF

Morden sweater         $240us

Anorak jackets $290us

Bomber jackets $290us

Children bomber jckt $180us

Wool coats $260us

Hood jackets $280us



Comfoter                         $250us Items 23

Sox $270 iterms 700piec

Handbag $260us



Summer tops   380+

Polly blouse 250+

Children mix 400+

Bby light 480 +

Men khakhi trouse110+

Gargo short 110+

Mix short 180+

Sox 800+

Underwear 1000+

Braa 900+

Comforter 23

Men t shirt 260+

Shirt 200+

Jean 100+

Skin jean 110+

Mix blouse 200+

Mix dress 160+

Polly dress 180+

Wool coat a70 +

Skirt 180+

Jeggins 220+




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