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Bubble bath


Bubble bath

Condition: Not Specified Hair & Beauty
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Full Description

USES OF AVON BUBBLE BATH* • Use to wash down the tub surround, shower walls and doors • Leaves bathroom fixtures and mirrors shining • Cleans the vanity top, cabinets, any surfaces, even your walls • Can replace your body wash. • Use paper towels soaked in 1 part bubble bath to 3 parts water. They make a great baby or hand wipes. Store in Ziploc bag in the car for easy cleanup. • Works as a shampoo (I have done this, amazing!!) • Good refill for liquid soap, it’s mild on hands • Use to clean combs and brushes, leaving no residue • Helps reduce toilet bowl build up. Place 1 cap full in the tank every week. • Wash your appliances for grease removal and a streak-free finish. • Can be used to hand wash dishes in the sink. DO NOT use in a dishwasher. • Use on cabinets and walls. Perfect for removing grease spatters. • Clean the fridge inside and out. It will help remove odors. Choose a fruity or non-flowery scent. • Use as a laundry detergent and you no longer need a fabric softener. 1 cap full is all that’s needed to do a great job and to remove stains. • Great for hand-washing delicate items. • Pre-treat stained items, this works especially great on grease stains. Just dab the stain with bubble bath and let sit 10 minutes. Then wash as normal. • Can be used to shampoo carpets, either the whole carpet or just spot cleaning (I used it in my carpet cleaner. Pick a scent you enjoy, it will keep room smelling fresh for days.) Use 2 cap fulls to a large cleaning machine. • Remove stains from upholstery by rubbing with a damp cloth dipped in the bubble bath. Blot to remove stain and dampness. • Cleans windows to a streak-free shine. • Polishes all chrome book book household fixtures. • Can be used to wash no-wax floors – use 1 cap full with 4-6 ltr of warm water. • Will clean your jewelry.

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