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Bot Rimbi Education. WhatsApp Platform Academic Content E-learning


Bot Rimbi Education. WhatsApp Platform Academic Content E-learning

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Answers to Competence Based Curriculum MOPSE and most Zimbabwean Tertiary Institutions learning content QUESTIONS. Thank you for contacting BREWPACE! The academic questions chat bot is open from 6AM to 9AM and 3PM to 6PM, Sundays to Wednesdays. The content media format are text, image or audio massages. A SINGLE FIRST TIME FREE TRIAL QUESTION IS ALLOWED FOLLOWED BY USD$5 OR EQUIVALENT ZWRTGS DOLLARS MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION IF SATISFIED FROM THE FREE TRIAL. All payments are done through Ecocash with the proof of payments massages of valid transaction ID sent by the WhatsApp number to ask QUESTIONS to WhatsApp +263778261751. Our business or organization have 1 TIM 6:17-21 motivation for prizing our services on a sliding scale. These include the desire to be charitable to those less able to afford the MOPSE Competency Based Curriculum Content and most Zimbabwean Tertiary Institution carricula. Our ability to get a deduction for offering our Educational services as charity, our ability to benefit from the revenues even from a partial payment, depends on the retention of a longtime client, or referrals that such a client provides.

Payment Methods: Cash on Delivery

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