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Avon Feminine Wash


Avon Feminine Wash

Condition: Not Specified Hair & Beauty
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Full Description

🍃❄️ *_Product Knowledge : Avon Feminine Wash_* 🍃 _The skin in your delicate areas is different to the rest of your body. So why use the same toiletry products? pH-balanced and gynecologically-tested, our Feminine Wash is fragrance free and has been developed specifically for sensitive skin._ 🍃 _Feel totally refreshed and confident all-day with this vitamin E-enriched feminine wash that gently cleanses the intimate area._ 🌷 *Created for women, by women.* 🍃💧 *_Why use Avon Feminine Wash?_* 🍃 _The vagina is an area regularly inhabited with *good bacteria* that can be found in other parts of the body as well. The most common vaginal bacteria is the lacto bacillus which helps *maintaining the normal ph level of 3,5.* The normal ph level of the vagina can be violated due to the use of antibiotics, the use of nylon panties and generally an unclean environment leading to itchiness discharges and inflammation of the vagina, that's where the intimate feminine wash comes in. To maintain the normal ph level of the vagina and to eradicate itchiness and bad odour. Ph means potential hydrogen where it just measures the acidity or alkalinity of a substance so in this case it's measuring the the acidity of the vagina._ 🍶 *HOW TO USE* _Lather a small amount of feminine wash onto wet hand and wash the outside of your private parts (do not clean the inside- the inside is self cleaning, if you clean it it may result in you getting fungal (candida) infections._ 🍓 *_The advantages of using Avon Feminine Wash_* ``` ✅ All day freshness ✅ Soap free ✅ Dye free ✅ Salt free ✅ Suitable for sensitive skin ✅ No irritation ✅ Hypoallergenic ✅ Gynaecologicaly tested ✅ pH Balanced ``` 🌷💦 *_Simply Delicate Feminine Spray_* _The same gentle formula of the Simplly Delicate Feminine Wash, now in a convenient spray bottle for on-the-go freshness._ 🍶 *HOW TO USE* _Spray at least 20 cm away from the intimate area

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