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Condition: Not Specified Education
Sold By: Peta Agro Initiatives
Seller WhatsApp Number: 0773868946

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Do you want to start making good money from farming? Farming is a lucrative business, but only when done right. The modern farmer needs to know what kind of business opportunities are in each type of farming, to know the technical aspects of farming, know where to get funding, how to add value to their produce, and finally how best to market it to get the best possible price for all their hard work. Where can you learn what kind of seed to buy and where, how to prepare your land to get the best yield, the timing for planting, and which other farmers are in the game and how they are making a success of their farming businesses? *Peta Agro Initiatives* is inviting you to join their third annual class. Since 2020, we have been training farmers online in all the aspects above, covering 52 topics over a one-year period. In 2023, we have made the course even more in-depth by introducing some farm visits, where participants to the course can see the farming work being done hands-on and successfully. There is also an optional attachment period for the serious learner who wants to specialize in one or two specific aspects of farming, where they can spend an extended period at a farm and do the work themselves, equipping them with invaluable life skills. Our training sessions are provided by experienced and trained agricultural experts from various fields, as well as people from various institutions such as banks, ZimTrade, SAZ, Seedco, GMB, Ministry of Agriculture, fertilizer manufacturers, insurance companies, farming equipment distributors, agricultural extension officers, and so much more. All these speakers are brought in so as to make the training as robust and practical as possible for every participant. One of the things that makes learning about farming difficult is the need to enroll in person and take time out of your already busy schedule to attend lessons. Peta makes it easier to learn by providing all the learning material via WhatsApp, meaning you can catch up on your studies at your convenience. Videos, audio notes and pictures are used in addition to the written text to make the process more interesting and lively. Furthermore, because farming is practical, farm visits and attachment are included, so that participants walk away well-equipped and ready to implement what they have learnt in a real farming venture. See the calendar above for details of courses on offer. To enroll for the course costs USD50 and there is a monthly USD5 fee for the 12 months. However, we have a SPECIAL OFFER for our early birds. Register before 15 November 2022 and pay only the USD50 for registration. The monthly USD5 will be waived if you take advantage of this special offer. Registration remains open up to 31 December 2022. Lessons start 2 January 2023, every day, Monday to Friday, 6pm to 8pm on WhatsApp. To register right away, click here:

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