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Mark Ngwazi Showered With Gifts

Mark Ngwazi Showered With Gifts

Sungura artiste Mark Ngwazi has thanked his fans for their support following the launch of his latest album titled “Nharo ne Zvinenharo.”

The Budiriro-based musician’s album launch was well attended, with one of his fans, Blessing Gomo, travelling all the way from South Africa for the launch.

Gomo paid R13 000 for a CD of the new album and also pledged to take the Njanja Express band on a tour of South Africa.

Another Ngwazi fan, Spencer Chuma, bought the album for a whopping US$500.

A businessman, Joseph Murimwa, of One Thousand Construction, gave Ngwazi a 450-square metre residential stand.

Another Harare-based businessman Munyaradzi “Goldfinger” Makombora bought the album for US$350 in cash.

He also pledged to finance the production of two videos from the new album.

Faith Mashami, a Harare businesswoman who also manages Ashton “Mbeu” Nyahora, bought the new album for US$300.

The Deputy Minister of Youth, Sport, Arts and Recreation Tino Machakaire was also among the people who bought Ngwazi’s new album. Said Ngwazi:

I cannot describe the feeling. I never thought that the album launch will be this successful.

I want to thank our fans for supporting, not only me but the sungura music genre. Without their support, we will not go far.

The “Chamugwegwedu” hitmaker dismissed claims that players in the sungura genre are divided. He said:

We are not fighting each other. In fact, we are one and are dedicated to working with each other.

In my case, I learned a lot and got inspired by the veterans in the industry such as Alick Macheso, Nicholas Zakaria, Simon Mutambi and Romeo Gasa.

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Baddest 1 month ago

inihanditomuzive uyu

Chura 1 month ago

ashora here ati haamuzive chete even me handimukete

youth 1 month ago

here in Nigeria we love you 🥰we even Call you Mark O**** Ongwazi Tunda

Pablo 1 month ago

Nekusamuziva kwako the fact still stands atori nema fans from across Limpompo. Some of his fans paid us5000 for a cd imwe apa hautorina kana us50 but unongoshora. Does he have to be known by every jik and jek like yu?

Dancer 1 month ago

vatambi venyu vakakwana here boz kutamba chipo ndosimudza Terrace , nsikutsvaka Basa

Chinese zodiac 1 month ago

Thus great supporting our local content

Mai Titi 1 month ago

Who is Mark Ngwazi?

Marble Rwizi 1 month ago

Em not his fan but I know he exists not only in our local circles but across the global village.

Milton 1 month ago

Ah don't worry koz you don't know him. Don't trouble yourself koz Mark Ngwazi does not want to be known by pple like you.

responce 1 month ago

he is Mark Ngwazi, l dont blame pipo for disappoing u, l blame yoself for trusting them


ndunge 1 month ago

munhu ati hamuzive haisimhosva ngaitezvoita azivikamwe nemunhu wese

Chawabvunza 1 month ago

Mark Ngwazi's statements are full of wisdom. He praises other sungura gunre artists, the likes of Alick Macheso, Simon Mutambi and many others.




Ngoma Ngairire 1 month ago

Props to Ngwazi!
Good Music!

fan 1 month ago

Meanwhile, the Deputy Minister, Tino Machakaire bought the CD for RTGS500, using EcoCash. Varovereyi mawokooooo👏👏👏

fanlite 1 month ago

Tino Machakaire paid in USD m not so sure abt th figure but what i emulated is that artist have a good approach of inviting TinMac on their new album so as a guest u have to do something by buying the project this will promote growth & motivates th upcoming artist in music circles

Sorobhangu 1 month ago

he is singing illegaly.,😁😁😟😟

Busani 1 month ago


ndafara 1 month ago

haa guys had meet Mark Ngwazi with Goldfinger paChicken slice in beatrice opposite mbare police station haaa ndataura naye mkomana arikut thank you nerutsigiro rwamurikuita keep it forever

Rich guy 1 month ago

Who is Mark Ngwazi? Market him.

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