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Margaret Dongo Says She Went Into Opposition Politics To Fight For Liberation Struggle Ideals

Margaret Dongo Says She Went Into Opposition Politics To Fight For Liberation Struggle Ideals

Veteran politician and war veteran Margaret Dongo said she went into opposition politics to fight for liberation struggle ideals that the ruling ZANU PF was failing or neglecting to champion.

She told Alpha Media Holdings chairman Trevor Ncube on the platform In Conversation with Trevor, that she had tried, and failed, to change ZANU PF from within by being outspoken and critical of the ruling party’s policies.

Dongo was eventually expelled from ZANU PF during the Robert Mugabe era.

Responding to a question by Trevor Ncube who wanted to understand how she managed to get into opposition politics when it was considered dangerous to go against Mugabe, Dongo said:

True I did, but it was a very hard decision to make.

I had no choice because there is something that I want to make clear,  you know my love for the country, in terms of Margaret Dongo, the former liberation fighter, what comes first in my life is my country.

So probably it is because of the experience that I got from a tender age, worse off during the armed struggle and after, that it forced me to actually go into opposition politics.

The idea was not to destroy the country, but the idea was to continue to fight for the ideals of the liberation struggle.

Among many things, liberation fighters fought for the establishment of one-man-one-vote as the basis of government in Zimbabwe; and the elimination of oppression in all forms. 

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Tintin 1 month ago

amai vanotaurisa ava.

huncho 1 month ago

opposition yipi

Quavo 1 month ago

Sure vari ku opposition ipi

Machiavelli 1 month ago

Kana usingazive history please shut up.

As I see it 1 month ago

If she is serious then she should join C. C. C. the people's party to change the government for a better future. Failure to do that she is a loser.

the Zebra 1 month ago

ava hamuvazive vanongotaura kana takuenda Ku election vakudarelevance otherwise ma party spoilers

gogodera 1 month ago

maitiza nevana vamarepwa zvakaoma kuva mukadzi even kuchurch vanoraper futi saka toita sei isu vakadzi

Tintin 1 month ago

dzidzai karate mumamise marapists ose.simpu.


Cde hondo 1 month ago

Yu said the truth about rape during the struggle, they are still doing it today hazvina kupera nehondo, it's now a culture to them, shame one day they will account for this. Remember Banana saved time for sodomizing jefta dube

Machiavelli 1 month ago

Margaret has always been constant. When I criticised government and Parliament at Mazvikadei in the mid-1990s at a workshop with Parliamentarians, she was one of the only two people who supported me.

My bone of contention was how Parliament fast-tracked dog racing at the expense of economic development. I was a very young black executive working for a largely white organisation then.

Shortly thereafter she was instrumental in government acknowledging the biased farm ownership scandal in which top government and party officials were allocated farms meant for resettlement. These farms were bought by UK funds under the Willing-buyer-willing-seller arrangement. That was when the UK government stopped paying for farm acquisition.

Margaret Dongo, I salute you.

Mshayazafe 1 month ago

Bla bla bla....she went there by accident stop. At her age by then, she did not have any cognitive powers to understand what was happening that is why she was ordered to serve tea at the Zanu pf politburo.. I went to war by mistake, all I wanted was a safe haven in Botswana, in Botswana I got conscripted and pushed over to Zambia

Chimboti Pizza 1 month ago

Mukadzi uyu anoziva zvaanoita ngaarambe akadaro👏

Komuredhi 1 month ago

Zvikazodii nhai vahanzvadzi....

Maparamuro 1 month ago

Ama 2000 are such a shame to Zim politics. They think CCC is the only opposition to zanupf that has ever happened in Zimbabwe. Am very shame stereki thats why they won't register to vote but claim they want change, that's why they believe political change in Zim will come from God, am very shame.
Opposition to zanupf did not start with CCC. There were many others before.

Machiavelli 1 month ago

Zimbabwe Unity Movement (ZUM) led by Edgar Tekere and Davison Gomo saved us from a One-Party-State for starters. Without Tekere we would be by now a de-jure One-party-state.

I am eternally grateful to those two for the service they rendered to Zimbabwe.

Tsvangirai via ZCTU, NCA and MDC have my unqualified salute for showing us that ZANU is not invincible. CCC is our best bet to take over the baton stick in 2023.

1 month ago

Ama Generation stone age acho wat did u do?

gogodera 1 month ago

nhasi ndanakidzwa kkk

Generation stone age 1 month ago

Taka register kuvhota imi hamuna muchida kuchinja nyika nemuromo endai muno register uko

Kawuluka, Binga. 1 month ago

ONE ZIMBABWE PEOPLE'S PARTY... lead by Peter Mweembe, join using WhatsApp number, 0777397272.we shall consider your request.

sugar boy 1 month ago

ma hu re ezanu achatinetsa.ngavazive zvekusv irwa ku hondo

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