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'Manjuzu' Spirits Cleansing In Mukuvisi River

'Manjuzu' Spirits Cleansing In Mukuvisi River

Some traditional healers and self-styled prophets from various suburbs in Harare have turned the waterfall along Mukuvisi River, opposite Houghton Park suburb, into a shrine where they conduct cleansing ceremonies for people believed to be possessed with alleged marine spirits (Manjuzu).

The rituals are conducted in the wee hours of the morning. The spiritualists conduct the cleansing ceremonies using rice, sweets, coarse salt, eggs, fresh milk, wine and snuff.

One of the traditional healers who frequents the waterfall, Gogo Soko, real name Tabeth Chidanda (42) of Dzivaresekwa, told H-Metro that she cleanse people with marine spirits.

Gogo Soko’s clients include both grown-ups and minors whom she caused to kneel and sit down under the falls. She said:

I am not a church spiritual leader, but a traditional healer. I am here to cleanse my clients with marine spirits.

Vanamanjuzu vanoda kugezwa, kutonhodzwa, uye kupfekedzwa nekuti njuzu haipfekedzerwe pakawoma.

I only visit this place when I have clients who need marine spirit cleansing and dressing only. Besides that, I operate from home.

Across Mukuvisi River, some people stood some distance, watching women changing their clothes, before and after the cleansing.

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