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Manipulation Is Everywhere

Manipulation Is Everywhere

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A despicable young man from Chitungwiza displayed his ignorance by eating an unwashed mango. It was indeed justice served when his tummy started aching. He even had the audacity to proffer advice to other young people by saying, “Please wash your fruits before you eat them.”

This just shows you how broken the whole system is. How can someone who displayed such levels of stupidity presume that he has anything to advise others? Everyone already knows that mangoes need to be washed first before they are eaten.

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A Chitungwiza young man got a stomach ache after eating an unwashed mango. He had this to say to other young people: “Please wash your fruits before you eat them.”

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VicSho 3 months ago

5 Ws and an H

3man 3 months ago

From the comments showing on this great article, it simply shows that we have a wide range of people coming from different backgrounds, landscapes and platforms etc. Some are doctors, scientists, politicians, scholars, linguists, dreamers and all the likes. One thing I noticed though, from comparison of the two articles is that the first one is full of big words which were placed inappropriately to seek 'self-glory' from its audience while the other article was simple and straight forward to the point. In my opinion, I prefer the Pindula way of presentation to the. ......

Imwe Mbeu 3 months ago

Pindula is short and precise 😊

Imwe Mbeu 3 months ago

I know this guy too, he went to write an article about it on Pindula 😎

Native 3 months ago

👊👊👊Pindula....wat a piece of's a masterpiece...the negative comments are proof!

Ben10 3 months ago

They are trying to say, yellow 🥭 mango is not clean because is yellow wash it before you eat...... Don't just take everything yellow thinking chiri good chinenge chiine tsvina or chakaoraa...


Mike 3 months ago

Munyori muri kutiiko apa

Vladimir 3 months ago

now I also understand what they are saying, you're right

🤠 3 months ago

@Skillaman, you seem right here. I thought as well

Skillaman 3 months ago

I think the article is comparing how Pindula news write their articles and how others write their articles

Mai muku 3 months ago

Varikuda kutiiko ava 😀😀😀😀

Ghetto yut 3 months ago


Vladimir 3 months ago

There's still time to delete this article

crazy article 3 months ago

how is he despicable for telling you to avoid the same landmines he stepped on Aren't victims the best advisors and experience the best teacher

this writer is crazy

Tinotendaishe Chidakwa ARTUZ Byo VC 3 months ago

The writer is the one being despicable here. How can he go against someone who is trying to warn others from his awful experience? Whatever the writer wanted to potray about the system could not be potrayed because the article is just lame

Lucy Fayth 3 months ago

Crazy article indeed

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