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Mangudya Ranked Among The Worst Central Bank Governors In Africa

Mangudya Ranked Among The Worst Central Bank Governors In Africa

Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) Governor, John Mangudya, has been ranked among the worst central bank governors, according to rankings by Global Finance magazine.

The magazine annually grades the world’s leading central bankers based on a series of metrics, including the appropriate implementation of monetary policy.

Since his appointment as the RZB chief, in March 2014 by the then president, Robert Mugabe, Mangudya has failed to tackle Zimbabwe’s financial chaos characterising the country’s monetary sector.

Zimbabwe has faced a runaway exchange rate and cash shortages, and this has eroded public confidence in the banking sector.

The highlight of Mangudya’s tenure, so far, is the introduction of bond notes which he claimed were at par with the US dollars.

Speaking to Fin24, a Zimbabwean CEO with a large manufacturing company expressed concern over the monetary mismatches obtaining in the economy. He said:

There is no confidence in the banking sector, inflation remains problematic and the exchange rate is far divorced from the parallel market despite advice from IMF for convergence.

He cannot be among the best governors with the state of the economy and monetary sector.

Global Finance gave Mangudya a score of “C” for 2021, signifying one of the worst scores for the African continent and only below Namibia, Mauritania and Madagascar which have scores of “D”.

This was, however, an improvement from 2020 when the magazine gave Mangudya a “D” grading.

With inputs from analysts, economists and financial editors, Global Finance each year grades the world’s leading central bankers on a scale of A to F.

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Makelanwi 6 months ago

Yaaah,Mr Nostro,ummmm

Zet 6 months ago

Isnt there a difference between the worse and the worst? If there is, he is among the worse not the worst D, E and F. Though he has improved its a drop in the ocean considering our situation here, we need the best A+

Zimdollar 6 months ago

Can someone show Dr. Nostro his Annual Performance Report and ask him to do the most noble thing under these circumstances. (Anozviziva)

😴 6 months ago

Dr Nostro and Professor Vostro here haiwavo hapana zvozikanwa. Same same naDr Amai🤣🤣🤣


John Mangudya is trying his best, but the illegal economic sanctions have proved to be the major stumbling block to a meaningful progress. USA and Britain alongside its allies must now have mercy on Zimbabwe, tatambura veduwe 😖😖😖

Ducks 6 months ago

Agro wakafa pfungwa

Bigboy 6 months ago

@ some point the rhodesian dollar was above the british pound having sanctions left right and centre, ndavangobvuma kuti vanhu ava imbavha mabiro avo akadhakwa chavanogona hapana chete chete

Godaz 6 months ago

Aaa finish,Zviriko here izvi zvamukutaura vakuru

Joe 6 months ago

Agro bearer wakadhakwa he is trying his best chii chacho mbavha iyo varikungoba vachiti masanction ziva pekuvhotera tibvise mbavha idzi inga mugabe akambodyiwa wani siyana neus nebritain ndivo varikuba here vhurikai mazimbo tirikutongwa nembavha


MaFyt 6 months ago

Some ppl like AGRO dont even know anything, for record purposes, RHODESIA under Ian Smith was under OIL SANCTIONS, which was mearnt to bar her from,importing oil & oil products. Saka baba chimbo nyararai kana musina chamuno ziva manzwa ka

Sir king dejavu wejecha 6 months ago

Ukaona munhu anochema nemasanctions ziva kuti ndovaya vanoda zvemahara stereki free caps,mashirts Cup yerice wobva wanyeperwa kuti masanctions ndoarikuuraya nyika. Yet corruption,subversion of the people's will ndozvimwe zvezvinhi zvauraya nyika . Misuri yeZanu irikudya ichiguta iwe nemhuri yako muchimama nenzara kuswero defender bhinya rakabata amai

Tkt 6 months ago

Mese muri madofo kana akapiwa D last year this year opiwa C next year its a B then an A. On a scale from A-F kure ndekupi,from C-F or from C-A?
his score actually reflect that he is improving annually

BlackBear 6 months ago

well its not obvious that he is getting a B next time...he might go to F

Timbers 6 months ago

Vana agro hapana chozikanwa same same nabond mangudya

Zman 6 months ago

Gavuna wedu hapana zvinombozivikanwa

Makelanwi 6 months ago

Vana Tkt muZim munevanhuwo vakadzidza here?MuZim hamuna vakabuda ,hapana hapana🚻

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