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Mandiwanza Appointed Zimbabwe Revenue Authority Board Chairperson

Mandiwanza Appointed Zimbabwe Revenue Authority Board Chairperson

The Minister of Finance and Economic Development, Mthuli Ncube, has announced the appointment of the Chairman and Members of the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority Board.

In a statement this Thursday, Ncube said the appointments are for an initial period of three years and are with effect from 30 March 2022. He said:

Following consultation with His Excellency the President, and pursuant to the provisions of Section 5(2) of the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority Act, (Chapter 23:11), I am pleased to announce… appointments to the Board of the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority – ZIMRA.

Anthony S. Mandiwanza has been appointed as the Board Chairman, while Bongani Khumalo, Johnsai Tandi Dewah and Paradza Paradza were all appointed as board members.

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Kkkkkk 3 months ago

Paradza Paradza
Ziyambi Ziyambi
Kazembe kazembe

gadziriso 3 months ago

Pindula zvimwe zvachi zvamunonyora try yo verify

So far 2 anomalities detected

How can Benjy coarch such a big team without a certicate BENJY holds a UEFA certificate not kaCAF aka who is more qualified btwn a Holder of UEFA & a hollder of CAF???

last week you said Pasion Java booted out of AAG the truthful is Passion Java is th VP in AAG which is lead by Scott Sakupwanya

tafman 3 months ago

this Antony Mandiwanza is famous for running down parastatals, he ran down DMB etc. his CV Is not fit for any serious organization,, he knows all the tricks ofstealing and covering up hence his appointment by his cronies. Now i believe,,, nothing is thick as thieves

The Adjudicator 3 months ago

Mandiwanza destroyed Dairibord.Now is being given a chance to loot .What a bunch of mediocrity.There is plenty of untapped raw talent bt surprisingly yu are just recycling those stooges to further destroy our economy.....**** will always be as it is regardless of the place yu find it in .

Bull 3 months ago

It's full of this country all these deadwood cry my mother land

matsilele 3 months ago

ndiye kikikiki


❎☝️ 3 months ago

Recycling the garbage

magufuli 3 months ago

uyo Anthony S Mandiwanza..ndii supa kayo uyo...

🤠 3 months ago

Anonzi Supa Mandiwanzira

kkkkkk 3 months ago


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