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Man Wrongfully Charged For Murder In Eastlea Freed After Muvevi's Arrest

Man Wrongfully Charged For Murder In Eastlea Freed After Muvevi's Arrest

A Harare man who was arrested in connection with the murder of an Eastlea man on 19 November last year had his charges withdrawn before plea after police arrested former police detective Jaison Muvevi on suspicion he was the one who killed the man.

Nyasha Eusen had his case withdrawn before plea by Harare magistrate Dennis Mangosi after spending two months in remand prison.

The State on Monday, 23 January told the court that they are withdrawing the matter before plea for lack of evidence.

Allegations were that on 19 November 2022, at around 0900 hours Eusen was in the company of the deceased at Clan Court, Eastlea, Harare when they met Muvevi.

While there, Muvevi withdrew his pistol and shot the deceased Nyarai Round once on the head for no apparent reason.

Eusen tried to run away but was caught and Muvevi bundled into his Toyota Allion.

It is alleged that Muvevi, in the company of two other unknown men, drove his vehicle to Huruyadzo shopping centre in Chitungwiza.

Eusen reportedly then managed to later escape.

Muvevi was arrested in Mozambique on 16 January this year after he had killed three people, including police inspector Maxwell Hove on 13 January. | NewsDay

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muvevi's mum 4 days ago

I was raped no wonder he is like this ­čĹÇ

g 4 days ago

this system of arrest to investigate instead of investigate to arrest is very bad. goes to show police incompetence

APOLITICAL 4 days ago

@g I wish this could stop and be addressed by MP's in parliament atleast they will have something to digest as MP's .

Even the constitution should also be revised about this law of investigating someone while behind bars.
People who are wrongful convicted should be compensated for deformation of character.
Imaging spending two months in prison for murder to be released later for lack of evidence, that makes one to have a bad portfolio and will limite his /her rights to be employed in future. For many companies first check if you don't have a police record, they won't understand that one was wrongful convicted of the crime they did not commite.

OK 4 days ago

... For no apparent reason

4 days ago

The spirit of that your murdered friend has fought for you bro. You were to rot in jail

ZRP 4 days ago

Zim justice system, it sucks

Lawyers for Human rights 4 days ago

He should sue for wrongful arrest, damages and seek compensation

Tintin 4 days ago

they should broadcast his trial live on ZBC tv...good the oscar pistorius??? trial...­čĄö­čĄö­čĄö

Sir Tsindaz 3 days ago

Imagine how many innocent people are in Prison.


4 days ago

Muvevi will be convicted for other crimes he never committed , yes anevaakauraya but our police will be overzealous to add more charges on him

Führer 4 days ago

They are just wanting to punish him for killing their own same criminals will go scott free while he gets all the heat.

Dispenser 4 days ago

He is such a s---pd. He even deserve to be tried e murder of Mbuya Nehanda.

Cj 4 days ago

Very soon news will be like muvevi mentally ill.

4 days ago

muchanzwa muvevi was granted bail.mushonga ndiwo waatori nawo manje zvekurevesa.munhu wekupi anongopfura vanhu senge anopfura shiri

samanyika 4 days ago

ngaavharirwe atonorovana kumusudhu naskala

Vaye vaye 4 days ago

This guy witnessed his friend getting murdered, then he was kidnapped by the murderer and dumped in Chitungwiza. How then did he end up in lock up? Asi haana kunomhangara kuti umwe wangu apfuurwa?

@ vaye vaye 4 days ago

my thoughts exactly.

King 3 days ago

Aiva atumwa

stallion 3 days ago

yes he was supposed to report but don't forget kuti muvevi ayimboshanda kupi maybe vanhu vaingoti he is on duty since the institution was captured they don't know kuti he is a misguided missile ayipedzisira asungwa ndiwe unoreporter. Anofanira akamboshanda basa rekubvisa vanotaurisa manje akazobvisa asingabviswe the spirit is avenging ndongozi. if you cross check his biography anonzi retired ashandira kupi apa ane migodhi yegoridhe along the great dyke zvinhu zvacho is very tricky. Nyaya dzakadayi dzinongozopera seice block raiswa panopisa

evidence 3 days ago

uyo akaregedzwa h sk.
uyo hakuzi kuti i"lack" of evidence zvinonzi "wrongly arrested" state inofanira kumubhadhara

advocate 3 days ago

and they are still investigating muvevi,s case without full trial ntill wen

nj 3 days ago

muvhevhi ngaati udzewo kt Itai Dzamara aripi ? hapachina chekuviga apa

zus 3 days ago

zrp ye Zimbabwe they arrest to investigate than the the other way round majeri azere nevanhu vasina mhosva

3 days ago

2 months munhu ari mujeri imi musina kana evidence or motive­čĄŽ­čĆżÔÇŹÔÖé´ŞĆ

naume 3 days ago

job haasati angobudiswa hre

lol 3 days ago


Mazuva 3 days ago

We seem to have many cases of innocent citizens being incarcerated. Obviously some will never be exposed. Something is very wrong with our police, legislature and judiciary. When the police and judiciary operate with total impunity and no conscience, mankind is doomed. My heart still bleeds over that innocent man who served full time for rape. A human being's freedom cannot be taken away willy-nilly. We need humans of very high moral integrity and conscience in those state organs. Something has gone wrong with our recruitment and promotion. How much money would ever be enough to compensate a person whose freedom was taken away due to the negligence and sheer incompetence of another in the position of power. Maybe the police had a good reason to make this witness a suspect. May the police tell the nation what suspicion they had on this murder suspect.

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