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Man Who Impregnated 9-year-old Tsholotsho Girl Finally Identified

Man Who Impregnated 9-year-old Tsholotsho Girl Finally Identified

The nine-year-old girl from Tsholotsho who recently gave birth was impregnated by her 13-year-old cousin, police have revealed.

In a statement this Saturday, Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) Senior Staff Officer (Press and Public Relations) Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said the father of the child was identified after DNA tests were conducted. Said Asst Insp Nyathi:

The Zimbabwe Republic Police confirms that the Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) results obtained from the National University of Science and Technology on 25th November 2022, in connection with the paternity of the 9-year-old girl’s child have established that the victim’s cousin brother (13) is the father of the child.

The 9-year-old complainant and the suspect will now receive the appropriate counseling from the Police’s Victim Friendly Unit (VFU).

The Police is now working with other relevant arms of the government to ensure that the due processes of the law are followed.

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fact 2 months ago

they cannot arrest the boy...

Nahoreka 2 months ago

So how come our police rushed to arrest the father? Imhosva here kuva munhurume? Lord help us...

Hungwe 2 months ago

Being a man is a crime. The police must compansate the father

Worzell Gummidge 2 months ago

Kane nhema kamwana ikako. Kainyepra baba vako kuti ndivo vane chikwambo chaipinda nepahwindo chichikasvi.ra, kachitadza kutaura chokwadi kuti kakaita makunakuna nehanzvadzi.

That's why Police must investigate to arrest and not arrest to investgate, & bail should be granted while investigations are underway. An innocent man's name has tarnished & he lost precious time in jail for a crime he never committed. Is the state going to apologize and compensate him?

Zvino mai Angel of Hopelessness zvaakamhanya kumahumbwe ekamwana kanonyepa vakatuka varume kuti mabhinya anofanira kubhadhiswa, vachati kudii manje?

Rtgs 2 months ago

Gurayi mbo ro iyoyo

law 2 months ago

mwana mudiki

2 months ago

hezvo saka ndicho chidhoma chacho here,ko zvekupinda nepawindow manje hanziii.

2 months ago

That goblin story was a fabrication.

popi 2 months ago

so the cousin is the goblin that entered the bedroom only when the father of the child was present

boy 2 months ago

pamwe vaitamba mahumbwe...

2 months ago

Asi pawakatamba ako mahumbwe waitosa mukati here? Seem you are a genius.

pop 2 months ago

sorry to the father who was arrested...

Grandpa Rick 2 months ago

So the government will clear you of all criminal records since it was a wrongful arrest also di they compensate you cause Im sure your would have lost some funds if you were doing some business,amd your image would have been tarnished.


want to know 2 months ago

cousin brother in shona chii

Gogo 2 months ago

Ihanzvadzi mwana wemukoma kana munin'ina wamai kana baba

👤 2 months ago

eish yah neh

Cde hondo 2 months ago

An incompetent police force why did they arrest the father. Instead of investigating first before arrest they went on to arrest to investigate

Baetch 2 months ago

Police force yemuni iri sooo incompetent

2 months ago

They are people in police uniform not policemen.

Goblin 2 months ago

Police inobvumirwa kusunga munhu (suspect) then investigate. Nyaya yegoblin yaiita sekunge baba ndivo vaive goblin ndosaka vakasungwa.

hungwe 2 months ago

@goblin unoratidza kuti uribenzi being a suspect doesnt mean you need to be behind bars.

Hunter 2 months ago

Ko pindula since when is a 13 year old a man ?

PVC 2 months ago

kkk 13 year old man chakanyanya saka #@chibadura ari right

Xxx 2 months ago

Haaa baba handiva chenesi vaitamba nemwana futi. goblin ndiyani?

Federal bureau 2 months ago

This kid watched pono and decided to experiment 😱

I love my Country 2 months ago

Information iyi waiwanepi iwe mupengoo

Federal bureau 2 months ago

@I love my Country from your mother.

2 months ago

chero baba vake vasiri ivo muridzi wemwana still mhosva vanayo yechidhoma chavo chaipinda kuchiweti kwemwana

gogodera 2 months ago

pakaipa chiweti che13

Sorojena 2 months ago

Finally no case, except the tarnished image of the father whose sin was that he possesed the manhood capable of firing shots. Our police should not arrest to investigate, instead carry out t****ugh investigations from the expert services. Ko Job Sikhala why is he kept on the cage for donkey years, tongai nyaya yake tinzve

N 2 months ago

He is now a man give him a job ashadire muri

2 months ago

Way forward 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Tateguru 2 months ago

I thought I was the youngest father at 15

Kxcc 2 months ago

Ohh you also experimented young @Tateguru 😂😂😂

VaZhou 2 months ago

Bush Lawyer are you there. Can we call the 13 year old boy a Doli incapax?

Remember ZANU PF is the only political party in Zimbabwe. We can't waste time and resources campaigning for pressure groups.

VaZhou 2 months ago

Bush Lawyer are you there. Can we call the 13 year old boy a Doli incapax.

Remember in Zimbabwe there is only one Political Party ZANU PF the rest are pressure groups.

A 2 months ago

13 year old man haakwanise kubvisa virgin

2 months ago

Usati urema hwako hurikwesekwese

2 months ago

The young kid was scoring for sure he can't miss .......

ssvvirrista 2 months ago

haaaa hakana nyaya inini ndaka**** raini rese ndiri minor and they had to do a community yangu ambuya vaLucy wandainyanyira vachidya gala kuti muri kuti mwana mudiki iye achibhonzora sei
haaa vamwe takabarwa rakadaro we can kwira to the last degree

2 months ago

Ko iko kuzonyepa.Kana kurwadziwa kuti daddy vangu vasungwa kari kuto koshesa baby daddy hazvichatombosiyane potse kutozoita umwe mwana

😵😵😵 2 months ago


TeamMbare 2 months ago

I think youre confusing the stories, yeku bindura ndiyo ye goblin yeku cholocho haina goblin mukati ingori ne lula lula chete

2 months ago

Aiwazve TeamMbare ndiwe watorasika YekuTsholotsho ndiyo ine goblin not yekuBindura

NHUBU 2 months ago

zvese apa hapana chinhu chiri straight straight,13 years, and 9 years zvese makunakuna chete mvura hainaye pakadai

Tyt 2 months ago

Ndikutengesawo mukwapura nyini 0774890143

TTT 2 months ago

Madhara vanga vachinyeperwa.. Look @ Bindra ma17yrs, yekuraper kuchikoro, again it's a teen affair, now, it's a 13yr old boy. My question is Who will look after the Children's children?

gogodera 2 months ago

haa nyika yapinda mawere vana vakupanana zviwetii

DUB POET 2 months ago

Its so sad

bvoo 2 months ago

kkkkkk 13yrs vana vakuda zvinhu zve 18yrs under age hazvishande kutaura chokwadi 18 yrs manga makaisira mapositori ko vedu zvakumitisana ne9yrs kkkkkk ma1

Wanguda 2 months ago

@pvc inzwi rekuisa man iro ndicho chirungu kwacho it addresses every male figure or person despite their age.


The 13 year old boy can be arrested by Police because he is over the age of 7 years. Any person who is 7 years old or above is capable of committing a crime and therefore can be arrested.

Police shall arrest the boy, but they will not detain him. They shall release him into the custody of his parents or into the department of social welfare, both of whom shall avail him to the Police as they want the boy.

At court the magistrate will remand him to the department of social welfare or into the custody of his parents who will continue to avail him at court on due dates until the case is finalized.

The magistrate may sentence the boy to spend time in a reform home. The one which quickly comes to my mind is one outside Kadoma.



Yours truly
William Sonboy CHINEMBIRI

Citizen 2 months ago

Our police are a disgrace

Jah 🇿🇼 Tsvarie-07 2 months ago

When i read the story on watsup i was like 😂
What a coincidence that the kid said her dad told her of gobblins coming into her blankets to insert something and truly that made sense to kip dad in cells as suspect 🤷
today a different suspect comes in on top of the goblin's story 🤔 mmn, that confuses every word that has been said before and it's leads...

2 months ago

Hazvireve kuti Baba havana kurapper and others they were not just fathers

Mareva-reva 2 months ago

My story has no reference to the one above.
But it's something that will affect a lot of parents sooner or later.
Suppose your 18 year old son impregnates his girlfriend who most likely will be a year or two younger.
Note. At 18 he's legally allowed to marry but his spouse most likely will not.
I feel we will have most of our sons jailed for maturing if we don't revise the age of either consent for either ****.
As a concerned parent, I feel 16 was a better age for girls so we don't make unnecessary criminals of our own kids.
Accidents should not make them criminals, they happen a lot.
Our courts should be dealing with real criminals and rapists, not our kids.

Chidumo and Masendeke 2 months ago

I beg to differ with those who are saying the Police Force is incompetent. I don't agree. Several robbery cases have been busted by ZRP since time immemorial. CID yedu vanoshanda kani the only gold robbery case they failed to bust was the How Mine robbery several yrs ago I think bfo 2010. Rumour is a helicopter was used to uplift the gold inferring kuti the heist was by foreigners . Interpol also failed to make any arrests saka ZRP yaizodii mbavha dzabva kune imwe nyika Interpol ikatadza kudziwana.Think of robberies dzakaitika 2021 kusvi 2022. Makororo mangani who were gunned down and others arrested. Dai police vasingagone basa kuma jeri kungadai kusina vasungwa varì convicted.

mwana 2 months ago

ndaitotamba hangu akuna chidhoma chaiuya mkoma ndivo vaitouya havo totamba mahumbwe ini ndiri amai Ivo varibaba ...

Iiiii 2 months ago


boss yah aka megadee 2 months ago

what do u say jah tsvarie

Muzvimbirwi 2 months ago

The father should sue the shoes off the journalists who fabricated and published the goblin version for defamation, and the police for unlawful arrest before completing investigations and to everyone else involved for the bits they did

bishu 2 months ago

mwana iyeyu inyanya chaiyo. kuda kunyudza baba nezvinhu zvaanoziva hake.

bishu 2 months ago

mwana iyeyu inyanya chaiyo. kuda kunyudza baba nezvinhu zvaanoziva hake.

citizen 2 months ago

Mikasa monitor vana venyu ndizvo zvinopedzisira zvaitika.

2 months ago

Stonyeni ⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫

2 months ago

To the fullest mafana , wakagona.

seme order 2 months ago

ka**** kamufana ako

Mpintshi mpontshi 2 months ago


Civilian 2 months ago

Guys ndipeiwo ma links emamwe ma Free websites amunoziva anovhura ne Econet without bundle or data ka please

2 months ago


juru 2 months ago

I'm sorry olive my wife

i 2 months ago

zvikafu zvaveko mazuvano zvinomisa mborrrrro heyi manje vana vapera ku****na zvakaoma mufunge.lni ndongoti mbuya nehanda sekuru kaguvi tibatsireiwo mborrrrro dzitangire kumira pa25 yrs zvichikwira nekuti ummmm tingapere

Gd 2 months ago

Kamarsngeni hre kakaita izvi

Ziga 2 months ago

Ndekekwamarange hr kamwana ako ndibatsireiwo

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