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Man Shot Dead During A Break-in At Home Of CIO Deputy Director

Man Shot Dead During A Break-in At Home Of CIO Deputy Director

A man was shot dead during a break-in at the Harare home of Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) deputy director Gatsha Mazithulela.

The incident took place at around 2 AM on Thursday at Mazithulela’s Crichton Road residence in the Groombridge area of Mt Pleasant, ZimLive reported.

The former National University of Science and Technology (NUST) vice-chancellor, who was appointed to the role in January 2020, was unharmed in the incident.

Neighbours said they woke up to the sound of gunfire, and before long the Mazithulela residence was swarming with police and security agents from various departments. One neighbour told ZimLive:

I heard there could have been three people who tried to jump over a perimeter wall, and one was shot dead. An ambulance arrived at around 3AM but the person didn’t make it.

Everyone around here seems to think the intruders were robbers because just hours before, there was an attempted break-in at a house on Maxwell Road nearby.

This is not the first security incident at the home of Mazithulela.

In November 2020, just months after his appointment, a CIO agent guarding his Matabeleland North farm drunkenly pointed a gun at him.

Mazithulela was leaving his farm in Norwood in Umguza at about 7 PM on November 28 when he observed Earnest Muleya, who was on guard duties at the property, staggering.

Suspecting the 38-year-old was drunk, Mazithulela demanded that Muleya hands over his AK-47 assault rifle which he was carrying. Instead of handing over the rifle, Muleya cocked it and pointed it at Mazithulela who ran and took cover behind his vehicle before making a dash for his house where he barricaded himself inside.

Mazithulela called the CIO’s regional headquarters at Magnet House in Bulawayo and agents were dispatched to the farm where they disarmed and arrested Muleya.

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Daddy Legend 1 month ago

Why was a CIO who is a civil servant doing guard duties at a farm of his boss?

deisy 1 month ago

so chi cio chacho chine kaku depriver marights emunhu u mentioned kuti anogona kuita gardener for 10years so anozowanawo ma benefits even exposure nguvai ,like family time,driving a car,shopping,social limfe coz what i know gardeners works on assigned duties and dnt hwve extra time to spare,

MR POLITICIAN 1 month ago

even if you go CIO is a secret agent he works privately so even in America ma CIA anenge achitoripo nekumba kwapresident kwaasiri cz they want to gather plans n information kut zvii zvirikuda kuitika that's they don't publish their intake it's secret things anogona kutogara pamba penyu ari garden boy for 10 yrs bt munenge muchiti mukomana webasa iye achitori muCIO ahafanirwi kuzivikamwa basa rake kt anoita nezvei

gweluchena 1 month ago

hauzivi kuti mashefu anopiwa masentries here

Jimalo Jenarari 1 month ago

I think other cio members are involved in this one. It is possible he has long been marked uyu.

Poorvho 1 month ago

The presence of armed guards at your residence is a sign that you are not free at all. Chances are the poor guy who was short may have been the garden boy who had complained about his poor RTGS$ salary and was silenced.

Poorvho 1 month ago


Blue 💙 1 month ago

next stop State House

Tkt 1 month ago

.... Something brewing up here....


cde chipopi 1 month ago

the moral compass of the profession has long been lost in this country. Instead of it being a CIO dept , it is now more of a maffia

wenyi 1 month ago

gun haidi kupiwa munhu asina order

Kopo 1 month ago

Those who kill with a sword will die with the sword.. 😉

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