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Man Savaged After Making Toe Selling Joke To Amputee

Man Savaged After Making Toe Selling Joke To Amputee

A Bulawayo man narrowly escaped death on Wednesday afternoon after he was thoroughly assaulted by one of his friends whose two toes on his left foot were amputated following a road traffic accident.

Mncedisi Ncube from Sauerstown suburb reportedly made a joke to his friend about rumours of people selling off their toes for riches while drinking beer at Queens Park East Shopping Centre.

According to a witness who spoke to B-Metro, and chose to remain anonymous, Ncube who was visibly drunk, fainted and soiled himself after being bashed by the amputee only identified as Isaac.

Ncube reportedly confronted Isaac and jokingly asked him, “Ingaphi iGD6 yakho njengoba ungela mazwane amabili enyaweni lwakho lokunxele” (Where is your Toyota Hilux GD6 since you don’t have two toes on your left foot).

This follows unverified reports that some Zimbabweans have sold their toes to buy fancy cars like the Toyota Hilux GD6.

Isaac thought Ncube was mocking him over his disability and in anger, savaged his drunk friend. Said the witness:

We were drinking beer at Queenspark East Shopping Centre before Ncube confronted Isaac and joked about the two missing toes on his left foot which were amputated after a road traffic accident.

He jokingly asked him, “Ingaphi I GD6 yakho njengoba ungela mazwane amabili enyaweni lwakho lokunxele“.

That, however, didn’t go down well with Isaac who thought Ncube was mocking him over his disability.

In a fit of anger, he descended on Ncube with a flurry of punches and repeatedly punched him in the face until he fell to the ground.

Isaac continued assaulting Ncube who was now lying helplessly on the ground and pleading for forgiveness.

His pleas, however, fell on deaf ears as Isaac continued bashing him. Isaac only stopped after he realised that Ncube who was now lying unconscious had soiled himself.

The witness said his friends took him home where he later recovered.

Over the past few days, social media platforms have been awash with unverified claims that people, especially in Harare, are selling their toes to ritualists for thousands of United States dollars per toe.

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Milliyan 3 weeks ago

seka urema wafa....unongomuka wakadarowo

Gerry 4 weeks ago

Munhu haasekwi ne****ma hwake

Mimi 4 weeks ago

aaa unorohwa iye angaseka urema ngenyi

R'G 4 weeks ago

Kkkkkkkkkkk unofirei

Proekid 4 weeks ago

Londoda udlala kubi Unga joker kanjalo ngamazwane o muntu

Chikandamina 4 weeks ago

Kurohwa kusara wati katuzvi tsati 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Rambo 4 weeks ago

kkkkkkk haikona kudaro chikandamina


, 4 weeks ago

bayakunanka ungadeleka

King 4 weeks ago

Asifuni bumbulu thina...

Machiavelli 4 weeks ago

That is exactly what Will Smith should have done, instead of a salutary facial slap

Come uppance

Two Boy 4 weeks ago

Expensive joke

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