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Man Runs Over Wife With A Truck In Domestic Dispute

Man Runs Over Wife With A Truck In Domestic Dispute

A 29-year-old man from Bulawayo was arrested for murder after he allegedly ran over his wife with a truck during a domestic dispute.

Police said Tendai Tigere Gondo allegedly killed his wife, Sanele Ndlovu (21) along Chaplain Road in Kumalo last Friday.

After the incident, Gondo is reported to have stage-managed a hit-and-run accident and made a false report to ZRP Bulawayo traffic.

In an unrelated incident, Police in Mazowe are looking for several suspects in connection with the murder of a member of a rival group while illegally mining gold at Jumbo Mine. Police said in a statement:

Police in Mazowe are investigating a case of murder which occurred on 17/09/22 at Jumbo Mine Mazowe.

The victim, only identified as Avon, was stabbed to death with an unidentified sharp object on the thigh by members of a rival group while illegally mining gold.

Some of the suspects were only identified as Black, Prosper, Madhinda, Morgan, Ever and Sistone. Anyone with information to contact any nearest Police Station.

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Yyy 4 months ago

The Bulawayo I knoe iyo

Tintin 4 months ago

Bulawayo yazviita zvekare... lifetime disachievement award.

Constable 4 months ago

Aya mashurugwi ngaangoitwa part of the force. They are stronger than us

Tintin 4 months ago

😂😂😂 joke of the day...😂😂😂nditsvage ndikupe dollar aah aah aah wakanyanya

Coghlan Road, Kumalo 4 months ago

Why not just go seperate ways if things are not working.
Murdering your spouse is not a solution.
And the road is Chaplin not Chaplain

Mafirakureva 4 months ago

@Coghlan Road, this is a crime of passion my friendship. There is no reasoning when passion takes over. Only after the deed do you start to think
For example if the man had irrefutable evidence of infidelity and he passionately loved his wife, the mere fact that someone is stirring his honey pot is enough to make him lose his reasoning capacity

Citizen raPep naChamisa 4 months ago

Bulawayo varakashi chaivo chaivo
Vanokuuraya pachiZulu konapho konapho

Armstrong 4 months ago


dambu 4 months ago



Ndebele King 4 months ago

manje zvaari muSvina auraya muNdebele? Get your facts right before commenting

iwe king 4 months ago

hazvina kumbonzi **** azviita zvanzi Bulawayo yazviita

iwe king 4 months ago

nde be le

hey pindula Post nyaya 4 months ago

1 per article

pindula 4 months ago

uri ani iwewe?

Munhu ngaabatwe 4 months ago

Black uyu dai mamboita plan akambinetsa futi nema Ziga mfana wepa Gokwe

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