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Man Returns From Business Trip And Finds Home Deserted

Man Returns From Business Trip And Finds Home Deserted

A man from Mutare, Manicaland Province, who was away on business came back home to find his house empty as his wife had moved out with the couple’s children without his knowledge.

The matter came to light at the Mutare Civil Courts last week on Thursday where Josephine Makoni was claiming her husband, Brighton Togarepi’s entire salary as maintenance for their four children.

Makoni revealed that she decided to abandon the couple’s matrimonial home in his absence, saying he had not been paying rentals for their lodging.

In her application, Makoni was seeking $28 000 maintenance for the upkeep of the couple’s four children.

However, Togarepi told the court that he could not afford the amount as he was repaying bank loans he had obtained at his wife’s request.

He said the loans were used to finance Makoni’s cross-border trading business interests. Said Togarepi:

After acquiring all these loans and squandering the money, she moved out with all the property and children.

This happened during my absence as I was deployed out of the city.

I only realised that the house was empty when I was given some off days yesterday (Wednesday) and came back home.

She took away my clothes. I only have the clothes that I am putting on.

Togarepi said he had always been a responsible man and allowed his wife to keep all his bank cards. He said:

I have always committed all of my salary towards the upkeep of my family.

This woman has been keeping my bank cards until recently when I was deployed elsewhere.

However, I would still send her all the money so that she could look after the children.

Despite that, as soon as she heard about our salary increment, she rushed to court to apply for maintenance.

This shows just how greedy she is. I have never neglected my family.

Makoni however, disputed some of her estranged husband’s assertions, saying she never forced him to acquire bank loans to sponsor her business.

Togarepi told the court that he now takes home $18 000 and offered it all to his family. Magistrate Chipato agreed. He said:

The court cannot give you the $28 000 you want as your husband does not have it.

Your husband is offering you all of the money that he gets and so you should at least let him have some of his allowances so that he survives too.

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Sponono 7 months ago

I hope the figures in this story are in USD currency.

Al-haj Kane 7 months ago

Mkadzi uyu anofufunga semumwe muchinda anonzi Vybz kartel wandoziva so

King 7 months ago

😂😂 in your dreams my man kkkk ngamabonds kkkk

Executioner 7 months ago

Kkkkkkkkk no ways man those are rtgs

🙄 7 months ago

Vakadzi vakada havo vanoita behave like dogs😃😃😃. Ndadenha hangu🏃💨.

Finhu finhu 7 months ago

Vagara vakadzi **** chaidzo

Tkt 7 months ago

ndipo panoti mkadzi ipapo. kkkk asi bambo ava iporisi reSupport kani. 😂😂😂😂😂😅

7 months ago

🧑‍🎓 7 months ago

It pains if the woman takes entire salary yet she moved to another man while the guy is left to start from scratch


Phidza 7 months ago

Vakadzi vanomboora musoro mhan. This woman aisafanira kutopihwa $18000 yese

KODZONGA WA MWAKO 7 months ago

KKKKK anomama nenzara mukadzi uyo nvana 4 vese 18 000 rtgs hapana zvaichamubatsira KKKKK apa muchinda anenge achidova ne covid allowance yese 175 usd
Mother vairasa avo

kezi 7 months ago

Daddy chakati chaperra kkkkk vakadzi soooo

Elyse 7 months ago

The figures involved there just shows how poor and miserable an average worker in zim has become.No wonder he offered the whole 18000 rtgs he nets because he new it's useless.People in Zimbabwe are now surviving on stealing at work , it's pathetic for some people to come up and claim any progress in our economy.infact we are regressing at a dangerous pace.

chikiti.. musavengana 7 months ago

kwahi zvadiiko ini chirungu handichihwi

The King of Serpents 7 months ago

Pakaipa shuwa mukadzi iyeye akafurirwa neshamwari. Mukadzi akangoita shamwari chete imba inoparara.

Godaz 7 months ago

Haanzwiwo tsitsi hre mukadzi uyo achitorera murume uyo harurwa dzake dzose.haa vakadz vakaoma havo

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