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Man Resurfaces 20 Years After His Death And Burial

Man Resurfaces 20 Years After His Death And Burial

A man from Kasungu district, Malawi has reportedly resurfaced 20 years after his death and burial.

Villagers in the area of senior chief Kapelula recently flocked to the Kapelula police unit to take a look at the man.

Speaking in an interview with local media, senior chief Kapelula identified the man as being a member of Kapito village in the area. Malawi Voice cites a local traditional leader as saying:

The man died after a short illness in 2002 under mysterious circumstances. His dead body kept sweating and producing foam for hours before he was buried. 

The man reportedly resurfaced in his village and is at the police unit for security reasons.

Kasungu police spokesperson, Joseph Kachikho requested more time when contacted for comment.

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gogodera 1 month ago



makaregerei kumbomira kumuviga pamwe aizomuka. munhu akafa anobuda dikita here. pakaia chionai manje

linox 1 month ago

Achimwene muribwanji😱😱😱

Malemu 1 month ago

Ndili bwino. Ndachokha kumanda. Ndilandireni

Widow 1 month ago

Yes l can confirm the resurrection,daddy came home last night,l kissed him

Kalula 1 month ago

Paving way for His second coming do not be troubled kkkk


and ini handingagari naye chero kumumhoresa. ndinomhanya zvekusiya zuva

malawi 1 month ago




Do the same Moreblessing please.

Ras 1 month ago

ko hembe ndidzo dzaakavigwa nadzo here idzo

ChoururaMatuzvi 1 month ago

@🤨 Rega vakazorora vazorore,,, Pauro anzwisisisa muneimwe yetsamba dzake anoti kufa kupona,,, iyesu mumakereke matiri tisu tinoimba Jerusalem musha wangu wani



pindula 1 month ago


Imwe Mbeu 1 month ago

Tanga wapa mhinduro ineMusoro wacho

Tedious Malefula 1 month ago

I am the man's neighbour. I can confirm that we buried a stranger those 20 years ago. Even when it was time for mourners to see the body as our custom before burning the body, we could notice some facial differences but his relatives did not listen to us. I have all along been dreaming my neighbour telling me that he had travelled to DRC for some reasons but there in DRC he was taken Kuwait by some Asian men who promised him a lucrative job at one of their conglomerates. In the dream, my friend narrated to me that upon arriving in Kuwait, he was taken captive into Slavery where his job was to impregnate women of barren men who in turn paid handsomely to the Asians. I revealed my dreams to our village elders who always said I was only missing a friend, and I was told to ignore the dreams. Now my friend is back em sure the government will do some D A with his children and em sure again the results will come positive. For now I rest my case.

Tedious Malefula 1 month ago

I know I may sound funny, insane, story teller o whatever a label suitable to your imagination, but soon after DNA's results then you will believe me. Let me go far a bit with his disappearance some 20 years ago, the deal which had driven my Neighbor to DRC was to train gule dances in congo's local schools. Check with your friends in DRC they can tell you of a Malawian gule teacher who absconded his mission in favour of an undisclosed lucrative job in Kuwait. This is the man my neighbours mistakenly buried 4 meters deep down the grave.

🤨🤨 1 month ago

Team Malawi ma one anofa muno mu Zimbabwe ka ukaenda kumalawi unogona kumuona ari mupenyu

Morfat 1 month ago

@G Boy arova mutoriro chete uyu endaunozvionera

G Boy 1 month ago

NONSENSE hakuna zvakadaro

😱 1 month ago

Zombie 🧟🧟🧟🧟

vhost 1 month ago

scary, imagine dat

Tateguru 1 month ago

What a coincidence!
I was watching Season 5 Episode 5 of ARROW series just minutes before reading this article.
Someone, Sarah, was resurrected in that show

The King of Serpents 1 month ago

😂😂😂😂😂😂 was she resurrected in the Lazarus pits?

chipo 1 month ago

end times???????

jj 1 month ago

end times yeyi? unoreva kuti ndikokumuka kwevakafa?

chipo 1 month ago

they buried a wrong person????
nb: some.eople find comfort in using abusive language when they comment
i always wonder why...are they always angry with.heir neighbour or always carry.t fighting spirit.
express and show love and concern as you communicate, be rational, pray and change for the.....

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 1 month ago

Thanx @ chipo
wish we could have more like you on this platform, we learn everyday but lack understanding.


citizen 1 month ago

I think they collected the wrong body at mortuary,what they have to do know is to exhume the body and have some DNA tests. Again this story lacks a lot of information because of poor research; pindula should be serious

Imwe Mbeu 1 month ago

Even if you look at the link to The Malawi Voice cited in this post, it says "ressurects-24-years-after-his-death". This story here is just a tip of the iceberg.

Nerd 1 month ago

It's not poor research. It's for views. This is a news story, it's bound to not have some elements in it

info desk 1 month ago

dai dzimwe nyaya muchizotipawo update kuti zvakazodii paye

dog 1 month ago

hameno Pia's Jamba nana masimbi masimbi henyu hanty murikuona zvnoita Malawi

dog 1 month ago

hameno Pia's Jamba nana masimbi masimbi henyu hanty murikuona zvnoita Malawi

mwenewazvo 1 month ago

avo dai vatoburitswa havo mujeri,vasoterwa panze namobby.jeri ndikutoona senge riri kunonotsa zvinhu

chief kapelula 1 month ago

ya nishuwa achinwene abwela kuzachinda

Chisoni 1 month ago

Achimwene bachoka kumanda, babwela zachinda mkazi wawo amene anasala pamunzi

Chisoni 1 month ago

Achimwene bachoka kumanda, babwela zachinda mkazi wawo amene anasala pamunzi

traveller 1 month ago

we live in a world o different cultures and religion. such things happen. it happened in hwange where someone went to Malawi with his house. no house has been built there. go and confirm and don't call others liars just because you don't know.

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