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Man Kills Wife And Kids Following A Quarrel Over Infidelity

Man Kills Wife And Kids Following A Quarrel Over Infidelity

Police have launched a manhunt for a Mhangura man who murdered his wife and two kids on Thursday night by striking them with an axe before setting their house on fire.

Provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Margaret Chitove was this morning waiting to receive facts on the case but sources from Mhangura police station said a manhunt has since been launched.

Justice Musungavarume (age not known) of Hunter Farm some six kilometres from Mhangura town attacked his wife and kids after having a quarrel over infidelity.

Linda Musungavarume who is the sister to the accused said her brother had a dispute with Leen Maungwe (the now-deceased wife) over infidelity allegations. Linda told The Herald:

After having confronted his wife over infidelity, my brother vacated their matrimonial home to Mhangura before coming back yesterday to attack his family.

Mhangura police attended the scene and the bodies of the three were taken to Makonde Christian Hospital mortuary.

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Brian 6 months ago

III zvandibata shuwa ma1

Changachirere 6 months ago

Haa zvosuwisa izvi

Gogodera 6 months ago

Kungotadza kunoroora futi ndochi ichocho kana matador kugara mese rambanai

Gogodera 6 months ago

Ngozi hatiidi murudzi

Tafadzwa C 6 months ago

#Ngaapinde HAKE MUKOMANA 🙄🙄

Tongoonai 6 months ago

All these murders; all these robberies - they are a manifestation of poverty. Our leaders should ensure that they take everyone on board to 2030.

If the working class is perpetually exploited, and slave wage kept in place, definitely, we will not reach Canaan(2030)

Nelly 6 months ago

Takurarama mazuva ekupedzisira shuwa


KayKay 6 months ago

Heartless people of Mashona!and ,almost everyday its a new relevant case

Frazer chachoka 6 months ago

Taura hko nhaiwe ende zvakaoma shuwa

Vee 6 months ago

Rine mweya wetsvina uhmmm

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