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Man Kills Uncle, Cooks Body Parts

Man Kills Uncle, Cooks Body Parts

A 38-year-old man from the Nekatambe community in Hwange was arrested after he had allegedly murdered his uncle and cooked his body parts.

According to ZBC News, Wished Mumpande was arrested for murder after he reportedly murdered his 62-year-old uncle, Fida Stephen Mumpande.

According to the police, the deceased disappeared while herding cattle along the Gwayi River on July 17.

A search party organised by other relatives led to the discovery of the victim’s clothes and bloodstains in a nearby mountain.

The search party also discovered the victim’s right arm placed on a tree while other body parts including the left arm, backbone, legs and head were found on the spot.

Police also revealed that the accused who is suspected to be mentally challenged was found with cooked human flesh and an axe which was allegedly used in the murder.

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You should also try the intestines to make great country style sausage

Apathy the Psycho 2 weeks ago

The grapevine suggest it reeks of aphrodisiac aromas. I serve my steak with pudding. It's queer but it's angelic

Kudzie 2 weeks ago

Umm its painful,i i think the murderer is mentally ill...

hhai aaa 2 weeks ago

kunzima phela la

Tregger 2 weeks ago

Ndapotsa ndarutsa, zvosemesa izvi


i 2 weeks ago

uyu munhu uyu haapenge vakomana makambomubata here mushe mushe makamubvunza kuti kana wati wazviurayira nyama wakaregei kutaura mutumbi wese kunovhiyira kumba waitoziva kuti yawaita haiite iyi yekunoka iyi kuvhundutsa vanhu ngaauye pano pacentral mugomba anotaura chokwadi chirikumunetsa

Idi 2 weeks ago

@Editor please may you kindly restore our comments. Freedom of speech is a fundamental right. Just because mumwe munhu hafariri zvandotaura it doesn not make me wrong. Get away your small intestines

youth 2 weeks ago

why are you so unholy....mukufara kuti munhu nice meat what what....this is so bad...why are you so devilish

bvananguy 2 weeks ago

the law must be brought back into force as regards mentally challenged people. presently it appears the police wait for the mentally ill to commit a crime and ironically the courts will just refer the person to a psychiatric institution, which in turn will discharge the person back into society.

Unholy editor 2 weeks ago

7 minutes ago
You should also try the intestines to make great country style sausage

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Apathy the Psycho
2 minutes ago
The grapevine suggest it reeks of aphrodisiac aromas. I serve my steak with pudding. It's queer but it's angelic

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Apathy the Psycho
21 minutes ago
Did he use seasoning? Apparently, human flesh goes well with wine. A touch of white sauce and pasta makes it heavenly.

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Apathy the Psycho
12 minutes ago
Indeed, it's delectable. The liver and spleen go well with your cereals. I usually add a hint of cinnamon

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16 minutes ago
The brain is nice on toast

Idi Amin 2 weeks ago

The toungue of a Ndebele speaker is soft as a virgin's thighs if you cook it properly at the right temperature of course.

The Serpent 2 weeks ago

I like this dark sense of humour I nearly laughed my lungs out. Keep up the creativity guys

Greyhora 2 weeks ago

Aah why did he stew him? he should have cut up the uncle's buttocks into razor thin slices pour olive oil and fry them for exactly 2mins,serve them with sunny side eggs & a cup of tea. Nyama yavakudhura gentlemen

emperor 2 weeks ago


hungwe 2 weeks ago

ko kuzobika hanziiko muroi iwe go to hell

mama g 2 weeks ago

imi varoyi dai Ari mwana wako kana Hama yako waifara here.musadaro

Concerned 2 weeks ago

You will never understand until it happens to your relative

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