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Man Kills Ex-lover Who Allegedly Bewitched Him Causing Poor Performance In Bedroom

Man Kills Ex-lover Who Allegedly Bewitched Him Causing Poor Performance In Bedroom

A 55-year-old man from Hwange has been arrested after he allegedly killed his former lover after accusing her of causing his erectile dysfunction (ED) by bewitching him.

Jonathan Mabhena was not happy that his manhood was not functioning properly and decided to confront his former lover, Gertrude Ngwenya, (50).

Unfortunately, the confrontation quickly got heated and escalated out of control. Mabhena and Ngwenya furiously traded accusations and insults.

Mabhena allegedly pulled a knife and stabbed his former lover during the heated confrontation. He fled the scene and left Ngwenya bleeding on the ground. He was apprehended the next day.

Matabeleland North provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Glory Banda, told local publication Cite Zimbabwe:

Police in Matabeleland North Province confirms the arrest of Jonathan Mabhena (55) in connection with a murder case in which Gertrude Ngwenya (50) succumbed to injuries inflicted on her by the suspect on the 8th day of February 2022 at Lower Colliery, Hwange. The suspect stabbed the victim on the lower abdomen and on both hands using a knife. On the fateful day, Mabhena approached Ngwenya his ex-girlfriend where a misunderstanding ensued between the two. Mabhena was accusing Ngwenya of being responsible for his sickness of erectile dysfunction.

Banda said members of the public must value the sanctity of human life adding that violence is not the way to go when resolving disputes.

More: Cite Zimbabwe

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Simba 3 months ago

Haa ne ED hapana chinobuda.Bvunza economy yezimbabwe?🤣

Simba 3 months ago

Haa me ED hapana chinobuda.Bvunza economy yezimbabwe?🤣

Impotence 3 months ago

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) no good at all EVERYONE

. 3 months ago

Makore ake afamba akunyepera ex kut yakamusota vanhu bvumai kukura ,pamwe mudhara uyu akaroora kechidiki kanoda kuitwa (kagumi )pazuva

Duo 3 months ago

Mmmmm but what if it's not the case.. a true killer won't leave true proof


Figo 3 months ago

Kkkkk funny enough: "erectile dysfunction - ED"

Kule 3 months ago

Kkk ED pfee, libido zero thats how bad the situation has become.

Soul jah love 3 months ago

ED pfee,chikomba kills Ex

valembe 3 months ago

kikikikiki yaa end of world sure

Pippa M 3 months ago

Mabasa ekuhura ayo... mjolo will nyisa someone..

Conquring 3 months ago

Mjolo uchaursisa vsnhu vakawanda iiiiiiiii kkk

chimuti 3 months ago

ndakambozvitaura vadhara vanoda zviro ava

Zim 1 3 months ago

age yacho hey

Sponono 3 months ago

Such an old age zvonyadzisa izvi

Chichi 3 months ago

Hanty moti varume hawachemberi😁

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