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Man Killed By An Elephant In Victoria Falls

Man Killed By An Elephant In Victoria Falls

The Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority (ZIMPARKS) has reported that a man was killed by an elephant in Victoria Falls last night.

ZIMPARKS spokesperson, Tinashe Farawo, made the announcement this Saturday encouraging members of the public to minimise movements during the night. He said:

It is with great sadness that a man was killed by an elephant in Vic Falls last night. So far 35 people have been killed in Human-Wildlife Conflict (HWC) across the country. ZIMPARKS encourages communities to minimize movements at night, do not provoke them, and give them space.

He added that 35 people have been killed in HWC this year while more than 60 people were killed last year.

Early this week, two elephants that had been found loitering in Chiteni Village under Chief Ndanga, Zaka, were shot and killed by the Zimparks after villagers reported the matter to the police. The meat was given to the villagers, according to Information Secretary, Nick Mangwana.

Human-Wildlife Conflict is a serious issue in Zimbabwe.

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Asalif 1 week ago

Zim Parks said there is an overpopulation of these beasts but we are not allowed to sell them so I here to give you a solution. A lot of government institutions you are failing to feed them properly especially stew why not gun down these beasts for meat to institutions like . Amy barracks, hospitals, colleges and universities, prisons and correctional facilities, and every government function I think we will have a reasonable number that is a better way of cunning the national elephant heard period period period

Yellow Mellow ūüíõ 1¬†week ago

Cyanide ngaishande uko. When you do that Zimparks will act super fast protecting animals. Their actions will show you that animal life matters than human life... Amen...

999 1 week ago

kill these elephants guys before they kill you woo

@TFK02 1 week ago

Though we are not Surgeons or medical practioners the sight of seeing human interstines, crashed brains and broken and decapitated human bodies has become normal in Victoria Falls. Barely 7 days after "the same elephant" killed a man it has killed another. The rather saddening fact is that all these incidents are happening in residential areas. l am like most residents still in shock. We demand Zimparks to take action quickly about this human wildlife conflict before residents take the law into their own hands.

AK49 1 week ago

Thats not it, lives matters!!!

Ak47 1 week ago

Sometimes unoti regai vanhu vaurawe nemhuka . Unoona munhu achiba waya ye park achikangamwa kuti ndiyo yakamu protector kubva ku dangerous animals . Kana mhuka dzovaparadza nekuparadza zvirimwa vochema chema apa waya yacho yamunoba haina chinemusoro chainogadziriswa . Kuisa waya nhasi mangwana vabvisa ndokuti vanhu vadzidze kuti waya yepama park haibiwi

Al-haj Kane 1 week ago

@Ak47 if you don't know anything please shut up my friend apo ukutaura uri ku Gokwe.... Victoria Falls hayina kumbobvira yava ne fence which protects residents from wildlife


JahūüáŅūüáľTsvarie-07 1¬†week ago

Why do we allow people and animals to share a living?

Mai Chimuti 1 week ago

Because the big chefs settled themselves on most of the land, leaving the Povo to share the remaing land with the animals.

eny 1 week ago

which meat given to vilagers villagers

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